Saturday, October 08, 2016

Saturday Slight

 A reason to be happy:   Game one in the playoffs-----Cubs, 1; Giants 0. 

Off to a good start in the Major League Baseball play-offs. I hope they keep winning.  

What a story that will be if we actually saw a World Series team at their legendary home stadium! 

Go, Cubs!

Another reason to smile:   Yesterday, through his publicist, Liam sent a birthday message to his brother Boba, also a Sandpoint resident.

Soon thereafter, through Amy, his personal publicist and mom, Boba reciprocated.

"Happy Birthday, Bro," the message read.  

I think it's pretty easy to tell that these guys (in the photos below---Liam, above and Boba, below) are, indeed, blood brothers.

The rain is coming down steadily again this morning, so we'll attend to some rainy-day projects on this Saturday, maybe even a trip to Spokane for Kraziness in the Kennel.  Who knows?

Whatever we do, I'm sure it will be fun and relaxing. 

Pardon the weird marks on the format this morning.  The blogger gods are being very uncooperative so I'm giving it a break.

Happy Saturday. 

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