Tuesday, October 11, 2016

"Seens" on a Rainy Day

Tis cold this morning, even to the point that I turned on the heater next to my desk to warm up my toes.  Along with that cold comes a view out my window which will likely make all skiers and snowboarders downright giddy. 

Schweitzer has a substantial coat of that white stuff.  Of course, it's a long time 'til ski season, but at least the stunningly beautiful sight brings on a sense of excitement. 

That white stuff came in the form of a whole lot of rain down here in the valleys throughout most of yesterday.  

The earth around here is clean and pretty, and, happily, most of the gold, red and brown leaves are still hanging on.  

Even more happily, it's gonna be a pretty day today, so I'm sure we'll take some time to go enjoy some of the autumn splendor of the back country. 

Even with yesterday's steady rain, I actually accomplished a few outdoor tasks.  Those two pumpkin seeds of different varieties, planted last May, not only provided me 25 pumpkins but also about an half hour's worth of work pulling and moving all those vines. 

Now, there's a bare, aging manure pile next to the barn.  Today the tomato plants and marigolds will go, and probably the sweet potatoes.

Then, the temporary fence, which has generally kept the deer from eating all the goodies inside, will come down for another several months. 

And, through the winter, I'll be adding to the piles, thanks to the horses. One of those piles will be rich, dark soil by next spring when gardening starts anew.

I also put about two dozen daffodil bulbs in the ground along with new perennial (thanks so much, Dot) called a butterfly bush.  Dot tells me it's deer resistant, so I could plant it pretty much anywhere I wanted.  I chose the garden area around our small dog kennel for the new shrub. 

Yesterday also involved some time spent vacuuming and gathering up blankets and such from the R-pod travel trailer, which should be going down the road toward Post Falls in the next couple of days to be exchanged with our new Hideout. 

Of course, once the work was done, I took off for my daily photography fix.  Hard to be disappointed this time of year, and I know the usual era of the "blahs" after leaves have dropped is soon to come. 

The trip was fruitful and fun as usual.  In fact, I even went down a road called Oliver Road for the first time ever.  Ironically, it's almost in the neighborhood, just off HWY 95 near my sisters' farm.

Hope you enjoy the photos. 

Happy Tuesday. 

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