Sunday, November 13, 2016

Affordable Housing: for the Birds!

Thirteen years ago today, on Nov. 13, 2013, our dad spent his last day at his home.  He had suffered a heart attack, and that night was airlifted from Bonner General to Sacred Heart Hospital where he spent the next eight days before passing away.

It was a day a lot like today.  I was raking leaves after returning from New Zealand. I remember talking to a very concerned mother on the phone. Some of us met her at the local hospital and then we traveled to Spokane.  

Family gathered over the week, and we spent several days and nights comforting Mother and cherishing our last visits with Harold. 

So, on this morning, I'm thinking about both Mother and Harold and how much they are missed by all of us.  

It's a quiet morning, the sun is shining, and there seems to be a calm in the air---basically the calm AFTER the storm of the past week's election and its aftermath. 

I'm excited on this lovely November morning because of a chore I'll attend to later----figuring out just where to place the new bird house and bird feeder, both of which came home yesterday. 

The bird house will join the other colorful units around the yard, and I'm pretty sure the same lady who lives near the Montana border and who crafted yesterday's new addition, created some of our existing models which sit atop posts on our south board fence.

I purchased the little house yesterday and have no mortgage payments, thanks to its very reasonable price of $15.  Actually, I purchased two houses but gave one to Debbie, who was at the craft sale representing the Bonner County Food Bank.  

Along with the new bird houses, I met a new friend and faithful ZAGS follower.  His name is Bob Clemens, and he told me he's connected ancestor-wise with Samuel Clemens.  

His wife is the bird-house artist, while Bob, her sales rep, remains quite happy to share all of his ZAGS stories, dating back to the time of Coach Dan Monson. 

Bob attends ZAGS games in Southern California where his daughter lives, often catching two games during his visits. Twas fun meeting Bob and knowing where I can call to add to my ever-growing housing development in the Lovestead yard. 

The bird feeder came as a raffle gift at last night's company party for Inland Forest Management where Bill still works after retiring from the company in January.  

I think it kind of works that way for some of Mike Wolcott's valued employees.  We'll see as the years pass on just how many times Bill retires from the same company. 

Anyway, I'm hoping to figure out a way to situate the bird feeder near a window for winter enjoyment.  Of course, in between bird visits will come the town squirrels and whatever else comes up to raid the goodies during the nights. 

We had a great time at the party last night where a flavorful and wonderful meal of salmon, tri-tip, mashed potatoes and veggies was provided by Hoot Owl owner.

It's no local secret that Wendy knows how to put out a mouth-watering and memorable spread.  Last night's great feature was the Merlot butter accompanying the salmon. 

Fabulous combination. 

Mike Wolcott and his helpers always put on a festive, fun and generous gathering to honor the IFM employees. Last night was no exception.

With that sun shining outside, I'm headed out of here to take it all in.  Happy Sunday. 

Go, Seahawks!

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