Thursday, November 03, 2016

Holy Cow!!! Did This Really Happen?

Two items on this day Nov. 3, 2016:  sending a very Happy Birthday greeting to our lovely daughter-in-law Debbie who, I know, is just as thrilled as everyone with last night's epic Chicago CUBS Nov. 2, 2016, victory. 

This is a story with an outcome that can serve as a shining, uplifting and inspiring example for our nation

GO, CUBS, GO!!  You have reminded us of the essentials for winning: vision, trust, grit, respect, passion, talent and accentuation of the positive. 

from daughter Annie aka Mia Wallace  9 hrsSeattle, WA
My grandma is smiling down from Heaven tonight. Way to go Cubs!!!! #worldseries

Enjoy the videos below, especially the second one, just released!


Karen Evans said...

Great, great game. Husband was privileged to have been there! Except for the $90.00 parkingšŸ˜³

Marianne Love said...

Ouch! I loved the interview with Francona afterward. So gracious and so heartfelt. Hello to Steve!

Helen said...

With no TV, we "watched" the old fashioned way - listened to it on the radio. Wow!