Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday Slight

After seeing my blog yesterday with photos along the Pack River along with a mention of her family, our friend Susie Puckett sent me some photos overnight. 

During the float trip last July 3, while I was taking pictures of the Puckett family floaters, unbenownst to me, Susie was busy with her camera, pointing back. 

So, I lead off this morning with this reminder of a wonderful summer day.  Seems like it was so far in the past after all the gloomy, wet weather we've had.  It also seems like a very nice memory for starting off a November Saturday.

Thanks, Susie. 

This morning, we are finally enjoying a break from the rain.  As I look out my east window, I see a mixture of blue sky and cloud masses with pink highlights.  To the west, I can see a snow-covered Schweitzer, also with some strinkingly beautiful pink highlights.  

Happily, there IS a sun out there this morning doing its creative work.

Bill will take off soon for a presentation about the history of white pine blister rust.  He'll be at Community Hall speaking to the local chapter of the Native Plant Society.  He's wondering how many will show up on this holiday weekend. 

Last night we enjoyed a delicious turkey-and-trimmings dinner at my sisters' house.  We did NOT enjoy the first half of the ZAGS game against Florida.  

The Bulldogs played as if they'd had eaten every single one of those turkeys that dropped from the sky years ago in the WKRP from Cincinnati classic episode.  They couldn't shoot, they couldn't rebound but they could foul just as fast as those turkeys dropped from the sky. 

They must have consumed several gallons of caffeine when they went to the locker room cuz things sure did improve as did our moods.  A good Gonzaga game usually involves a steady chorus of "YES's"  from around our living room and maybe even a new arm bruise inflicted by Laurie if you happen to be sitting next to her.  

I don't think I screamed "YES" until about 10 minutes from the final buzzer, and everyone went home without battle scars. 

They eventually got their act together, which meant we all went home happy and making plans for tomorrow's brunch to be eaten as the ZAGS play in the championship round against Iowa State.

I'm really looking forward to being a "YES" person throughout tomorrow's game, and, as always, I'll make sure to sit across the living room from Laurie. 

Speaking of watching things, I thoroughly enjoyed spectating late yesterday afternoon as Liam enjoyed another of his self-manicure/pedicure session on the couch. 

We do not need nippers for Liam's toenails.  He does his own nail work and always in entertaining fashion.  

Often totally oblivious to the world around him, Liam's Border Collie eye stares off into space while his Border Collie teeth work their magic on his toenails.  

I've been impressed all along with Liam's general fetish for good personal hygiene, and I'm quite relieved that the nippers can stay in the cupboard where he's concerned.

Our doggies received their new accessory yesterday when the doggie dryer arrived, thanks to Fed Ex.  

I opened the box, removed the contents, took it to the bathroom, brought Liam in with me, and, by golly, he wasn't too spooked by its sound.  Once the hose started blowing warm air on his body, he seemed to enjoy it.

Same was true with Foster who has been around blow dryers during his trips to the beauty parlor.  Yesterday, in preparation for Foster's big day tomorrow, he received a nice hair cut and a new EZ walk collar.  I'll take a few photos today in celebration of his turning 5. 

Anyway, as I look out the windows, I see that the sun has quit peeking through the clouds in favor of an all-out shine, which means it's time to get out there and enjoy it. 

Happy Saturday. 

All done.  I'm beautiful.

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