Wednesday, November 09, 2016

This and That

Well, we survived the election, I think.  Millions of Americans are thrilled.  Millions of Americans are shell-shocked.  

Where we go from here remains a mystery.  I'll leave it at that and hope for the best. 

That said, it was a pretty, springlike November day yesterday.  While the chimney sweep came and did his annual duty, I drove to Bonners Ferry and indulged in one of those great big, fattening maple bars at the Bread Basket Bakery.  Enjoyed every bite, knowing this was basically the "meal" for my day. 

I can remember times when eating fresh maple bars or apple fritters usually happened frequently, and I seldom ate just one.

That was back in my "fat" days.  I've since learned that maple bars, especially of the huge variety at the Bread Basket, are a once every two or three years' delight.  And, when I do indulge, I know it's wise to hold back for the rest of the day.

I also indulged in what beauty there is with this transition from fall into winter.  Twas beautiful, but photo ops were a bit limited.  

Still, I was able to find a few. 

On this morning, I'm thankful for our beautiful earth, for my family, my close friends and for my beloved animals----all very sustaining. 

Happy Wednesday. Enjoy the photos. Treat yourself. Go enjoy a decadent dessert.  

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