Monday, November 28, 2016

Weekend Moments

Cyber Monday has come.  Black Friday is history.  Actually, the only thing I know about Black Friday is that I did not participate. 

Bill did.  He bought a new chainsaw on sale and with help from all the gift certificates he's been packing around for a while. 

We had one very beautiful day in between all the rainy days of the past week, and, by golly, everyone took advantage of it. 

Dogs played.  Sisters hiked, along with some dogs. After finishing his white pine blister rust presentation to a pretty decent crowd as Community Hall, Bill went fishing and caught himself a photo-worthy brook trout. 

Doesn't take much in North Idaho after weeks of rain to get folks out of the house, and thankfully we took advantage cuz yesterday the rains returned.
We all are very thankful that all that moisture was not snow down in the valley, or we'd still be digging out.  Plus, it looks like the mountains got enough. 

At least, the ZAGS took care of part of yesterday's gloom by keeping us on the edge of our seats throughout the second half as Iowa State put on an incredible comeback,  but at the final buzzer, the ZAGS had won the tournament championship and earning a 6-0 record.
Love those ZAGS; not so exciting about the Seahawks yesterday but very exciting for all the soccer fans in the family to know that the Seattle Sounders will play for the Major League Soccer title after a key win yesterday in Colorado. 

In other news, Foster turned 5 yesterday.  Now, when people ask me how old the puppy is, I can say 5 followed by an emphatic "YEARS."  

Speaking of puppies, I saw in this morning's Spokesman-Review classifieds that a female relative of Liam's is for sale (with an email contact address).  

So, if you want a beautiful, lovable dog, you can fork over $600. Be sure to add in the potential residual expenses for the first year.

Those folks who started Liam out do a really nice job with their puppies in general.  I did learn later that the registration aspect is the Continental Kennel Club rather than AKC, but in our case, that's okay.  

When you have beauty, brains, talent, a whole lotta love, and you aren't planning to participate in the National Dog Show, registration certificates generally get put away in a box and maybe discovered ten years later. 

I hope, if you didn't catch the blog postings over the past four days, that you'll check yesterday's edition.  It features a guest commentary about a child leaving Cuba after Fidel Castro assumed his dictatorship.  I really appreciate my friend Jorge's willingness to share his experience. 

In other news, after one month of sitting in the driveway with a fender and headlight about to fall off, the Subaru finally goes to the body shop today.  If all goes well, we'll have it back by week's end. 

I'll be happy to have it back, even though I don't mind driving the white work truck with its Sirius radio. 

It's Monday, they say we're due of a couple of days of drying out and colder weather.  I'll take it.  

Lots to do to get started with the Christmas craziness, so I won't leave this computer just yet.  After all, it's Cyber Monday.

Have a great start to your week. Enjoy the photos.

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