Wednesday, December 07, 2016


This day always begins with remembrance, not so much our own, those of us who were not yet living at that time, but that of those who came before us as part of what has been termed The Greatest Generation.

We do not personally carry the memories of Dec. 7, 1941, with us, but our parents did. Each could recall in detail what they were doing, where they were and how they first heard of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  

Their influence and that of their contemporaries through all our years of growing up planted the seeds of remembrance and respect within the generation that followed. 

So, yes, we do remember distinctly an event that happened 75 years ago and when we see faces, names and stories associated with that Day of Infamy in American history, we pause to reflect upon the generation before us and how they sacrificed in hopes that our generation could live in peace. 

And, in many cases, we miss them so much. 

Two years ago, we were able to visit Pearl Harbor shortly after the 73rd anniversary.  The scene above, along with  countless others during that brief visit will stay with us the rest of our lives. 

So, to all who still live with more vivid memories and who took part our American efforts in the years afterward, we salute and honor you.   

Now to the news of yesterday.  It wasn't exactly a day of Infamy, but it was a long awaited big day for Bill.  

While working on the box stall in the barn, he found a rock.  The rock looked just like a potato.  

The imp of the perverse took over, and unbenownst to me, Bill planted the rock in a box among my potatoes. 

And, then he waited. 

Yesterday was Bill's big day as I brought a load of potatoes into the house to add to some garden beans, Lovestead carrots and Wood's German sausages.

I peeled a few before coming across Bill's plant. 

My first clue that this was not your usual potato came when I picked it up by itself.  

Heavy, I thought.

Upon closer inspection, I knew that my knife was not gonna penetrate that potato's hide.

Good one, I thought, wondering just how the rock got into the potatoes. 

Bill came home later.  I pointed at the rock, which was sitting on a package of Oreos.  Bill almost cried and came close to snorting----he was laughing so hard. 

He was quite proud of his prank, and I concurred, thinking of that famous rubber banana attached to a clump that I had purchased years ago at Harold' IGA.  

Needless to say, our teeth did not suffer or break off when biting into our delicious veggie dinner. 

I'll put the rock out in the flower bed east of the house as a reminder of a good potato prank. 

Besides fixing that veggie specialty, I also visited the museum yesterday where I dropped off some of my books and picked up my copy of Jenny Leo's novel. 

The gift shop is attractively stocked full of books and local items, including copies of the two editions of the Beautiful Bonner history books.  As I recall, they're selling for a very reasonable price.  Talk about a deal when one considers all the rich local history between the covers of the two editions. 

In each case, my English classes interviewed local citizens and wrote short bios for the books.  In each case, the completed results made both their teacher and each of the students very proud. 

Of course, walking and driving around enjoying the beauty of the countryside took up a good portion of the day. 

When Bill and I took a walk up South Center Valley Road, I enjoyed seeing the some of the Filipowski herd stretched out, relaxing and taking full advantage of the straw Jack had put out for their comfort on a cold day. 

It's pretty plus weather, even though cold, and so far I haven't run into anyone who's not enjoying it to the hilt. 

Today I'm looking forward to having lunch with my longtime, dear friend Chris who has moved back to Sandpoint in her retirement after a career as a college professor.  Should be fun.

And, then I'll have to work on staying up past my bedtime to watch the ZAGS take on the University of Washington Huskies---8 p.m. PST on ESPNU.  

GO, ZAGS!  Happy Wednesday. 

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