Friday, December 16, 2016


No school today.  I know some folks in my extended family who are probably still nestled in their beds taking advantage of the day for a longer winter's nap. 

The school officials say, that with the wind chill this morning, we're supposed to be feeling like it's minus 20 degrees outside.  

So, they called off school, and that is a good thing in many ways, especially because in this rural district, students won't have to stand in the cold waiting for buses.

Plus, the buses might be happy and better off remaining wherever buses sit when they're not hauling kids to and from school or events. 

Here at the Lovestead, we arose at the usual time because the dogs never get the text messages or phone calls telling them there's no school.  

Bill went out first and came back in saying there was a slight breeze, and that it was pretty cold out there. Later, I bundled up and headed for the barn. 

This morning turned out to be a "two curse-word day" during barn door opening.  Even though I had cleaned out the track below where the door opens and closes yesterday afternoon, it still stuck. 

Three or four times separating it from the ground with the shovel and several heave-hoes, and it finally started budging.  With even colder temperatures forecast overnight, I think I'm gonna do a lot of chipping away this afternoon in hopes that the door will cooperate a little more willingly in the morning.

On cold mornings with clear skies and a big moon out, the cold goes away once barn cleaning begins.  By the time I left the barn, the morning air seemed almost toasty. 

So, we've survived the worst part of a cold day, and the animals all seem to be staying warm enough.  Festus hasn't been allowed out of his domain for a couple of days. He lives in the shop where his comings and goings during the day depend on the door being slightly open. 

And, since that opening brings in the cold all day long, I figured Festus could stay inside 24-7 until things warm up.

The cold weather has brought back a Eurasian collared dove.  I first saw the bird the day before yesterday.  Twas a welcome sight since we haven't seen the usual group of three or four for several weeks. 

Maybe some friends will join it.  For now, I'm thrilled to see it come in for a landing at the bird feeding station.  Unlike the others, this one doesn't seem to have that guilt syndrome of flying off the instant it knows we're looking. 

It sat for quite a while as I snapped photos through the living room window.

In other news, yesterday I drove to Bonners Ferry to pick up some loaves of pumpkin and banana bread from the Bread Basket Bakery.  They will come in handy over the next week or so. 

With dogs accompanying me, I turned off the highway at Naples after following a slow-moving snow plow for three or four miles.  Almost immediately, I wondered if this was a good idea because the old highway which runs through Naples, along Deep Creek and through Moravia had a thick and slick snowpack.

Leave it to a Subaru.  Yesterday clearly illustrated why they're often called the Northwest car of choice.  Along with careful driving, I felt very confident with no slipping or sliding. 

And, I stopped a couple of times to take pictures of a very, very frigid and full and beautiful Deep Creek, flowing wildly in some places, covered with ice and mounds of snow in others.  

The creek is always pretty, but this cold weather has added a dramatic touch to its usual beauty. 

Today is Christmas-tree decorating day and ZAP day.  I'll spend some time at the salon and then leisurely decorate the tree. 

I say "leisurely" because Bill said he would do the hard part, which is bringing the tree to its designated spot and tinkering with the controls in the stand to make sure that it stays upright. 

That's usually the stage where my barn-door budging-style behavior arises. 

So, with Bill's initial help, decorating should be stress free. 

That's the way Christmas season should be, and if all goes well completing the projects over the next couple of days, I think this year's holiday season is gonna be a fun time. 

Happy Friday. Stay warm. 😍😎

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