Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Frightful, Delightful . . . .

Bill got an early start on the overnight snowfall. 

Fence art, soon to vanish, if not already. 

View from the barn.

Yup, I could probably do a coffee table book specializing in the changes these two trees in the field across from us take on throughout any given year.  Always lovely.  

Quite the "do" for Lefty. 

Looking north down South Center Valley Road

Taylor's farm across the road from us. 

Twas 1:50 a.m. when I awakened to the sound of snow sliding off the roof.  It was a first such sound for this winter season.  That means last night's dump is a bit heavier than the light and lovely powdery stuff we've enjoyed so far. 

It also means more shoveling and packing down of walking trails once again. 

Packing down walking trails is more important than ever this year because the dogs need to play in their field under supervision, and while the supervisor is on duty dog watching, she wants to walk, not trudge.  

Maybe snow shoes will do the trick for me today----if it doesn't rain on the snow, that is. Could be kinda messy.

So far, this morning Bill has been able to snow blow the driveway, and I've shoveled a path along the barn and out into the barnyard where the horses eat their breakfast.

As I write, more snow keeps sliding from the roof.  All the pictures above were taken in a 24-hour period, beginning with early afternoon yesterday.  To say we've had a change in weather would be an understatement. 

With the big chill coming to an end yesterday, we could be in the 40s by this afternoon. 

Yesterday ranged from freezing rain (note the pickup window) and fog and wind to ominous dark clouds mixed with blue skies. 

During one of the weather lulls, after enjoying a good roll in the snow, Lefty decided it was time to play with Lily, who wasn't so interested.  

Sometimes he had to resort to entertaining himself, but occasionally he got a rise out of his barnyard mate whose mostly white hide ain't so pretty when covered with overnight manure stains from lying on her stall floor. 

As Bill noted after coming in from his snowblowing, it's definitely a winter wonderland out there right now.  Don't know how long it will last, but for now, it's pretty. 

Winter's tomorrow, so I guess we're coming along nicely in preparation for the new season. 

Happy Tuesday. 

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