Sunday, December 11, 2016

WINter Day

Points of light, they call it. Those are the moments through any day where isolated wonderful sights, sounds or happenings can make up for day-to-day disappointments.

Fortunately, most days we experience a pretty good assortment of bright spots and the less-than idyllic events or situations that tend to irritate or frustrate.  

Yesterday was loaded with a moments that made me happy---not so much for my own benefit but for others who might just have been experiencing a bit of euphoria. 

Naturally, Mother Nature brought on the happy pills for me in the morning as I walked around the place or did my outside chores observing what a pretty blanket of snow can do for an otherwise bland landscape. 

It was pretty and it was fun, as evidenced by my pups who had a great time frolicking in the snow and playing keep away.  Fortunately, I kept a close eye on the ball, and it did return to the house when doggie play had ended. 

The snow created some lovely individual scenes around the place, and I think every living being on the Lovestead enjoyed its presence. 

Eventually I went inside and baked an orange cake from scratch.  With the oranges purchased for scraping off rind for cookies, I had enough fruit left for a cake recipe from the Internet.  

While stirring away at the dough in the kitchen, I watched the first portion of the Army-Navy game.  Impressive, as always to see the opening ceremonies as midshipmen and cadets come on to the field with incredible precision and pride.  After a trip to town, I watched the last quarter of the game. 

It had been 14 straight victories for Navy over Army, so twas time for the Army to change the course of history, and they did, sealing an exciting win in the fourth quarter.  This match-up has always been a family favorite because my brother Mike graduated from West Point. 

And, yes, back in the days of black-and-white TV, we sat in our living room on North Boyer, glued to the set in hopes of spotting Mike among the cadets.  

One year we did see him.  I remember running to the set and pointing when the camera actually stayed on him for several seconds. It was beyond exciting, especially back in those days. 

Well, I knew yesterday that my brother was most likely glued to his color TV watching and hoping intently for a victory.  Sure enough, he was, as comments kept appearing on his Facebook page.  The Corps had won, and we were happy for Mike. 

Later, we went to my sisters to watch the ZAGS.  Unfortunately, the game was scheduled for the same time as Willie's girls varsity game and as the Major League Soccer championship in Toronto where Annie was there to cheer on her beloved Seattle Sounders. 

So, I obnoxiously, changed the channel during commercial breaks, grabbing snatches of the soccer match, hoping maybe the cameras in Toronto would catch of shot of Annie.  

Meanwhile, the ZAGS had their hands full, fending off a tough and well-coached Akron team while the score in Toronto remained 0-0, throughout the ZAGS contest.  

I was especially thrilled for Przemek Karnowski, the player of the game, who's having a wonderful year after back surgery took him out of last year's season.  

Later, the ZAGS took control of the game and ended the night with a 10-0 record.  Also, I learned by text from Debbie that the Lady Bulldogs of Sandpoint High took another victory, defeating Priest River 49-28.  I knew Willie and his buddy coach Ward were probably thrilled to take a win at home. 

With the soccer match still going in Toronto, I exchanged a couple of texts with Annie who noted that it sure was cold. Well, at the end of regulation, the match was still tied at 0-0. And, in the 30-minute overtime, still 0-0.  So, penalty kicks would determine the winner.  

The penalty kick phase went of sudden death.  Twas to be Toronto's loss and Seattle's thrill as the Sounders won their first ever MLS championship.

I'm sure the moment was a highlight in Annie's life and with Willie.  Both got to spend some time on the field with the Sounders just a couple of months ago.  This was a giant point of light for them.  No doubt about it. 

And, so the day was filled with some neat events for all of us who love our teams.  One more item to be completed today----Seahawks.  

If they win, it will be a pretty nice sweep, and definitely a whole lot of points of light on this WINter weekend. 

Go, Seahawks.  Happy Sunday.  

Not quite the Long Gray Line---but pretty impressive shot of the jubilant Corps of Cadets after Army beat Navy yesterday. 

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