Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Out and About on a Sunny Monday

After a morning spent inside a classroom pronouncing spelling words to Farmin-Stidwell third-sixth graders during their schoolwide spelling bee, I came home yesterday, quickly changed and headed out into lovely radiant sunshine with the doggies. 

I really enjoyed the morning spent at the school, especially because two other spelling bee officials live on our short road. Nice to see the neighbors and other retirees/friends who do a wonderful job with the annual contest. 

Some of us kinda detected that possibly the sixth graders might have been milking the opportunity.  I continued to be a bit astounded that the contestants needed so many definitions along with sentences before spelling some very commonly used words.

Being a flunkie whose job is simply to follow directions, I just tucked that mild suspicion away and happily gave them all the information they wanted.  

After what had to be close to a record amount of time ticking from the clock and an incredible number of rounds leading to a winner, one contestant among the group announced how much time they had missed in math class.

Hmmm. Clue No. 1.  Later, another official shared with me some skepticism about these students need to know so much information before spelling their word. 

As one who notoriously milked the system in my own days as a student, I said, "Well, they're sixth graders . . . we've all been there." 

Of course, it could just be that these kids have developed a keen sense for precision and thinking carefully before speaking.  If so, that's a good thing in this current society. 

The rest of the day felt upbeat, thanks to the weather and to the upcoming ZAGS game.

Plus, I received a neat card in the mail (note the bottom photo). Lynne Stockman is a former student of unparalleled brilliance---I do believe a National Merit Finalist.  I have a feeling that her resume since her many years in England would astound, at the very least. 

Turns out Lynne reads the blog from her home in England, and I must say that makes me feel very good.  If I had known that a while back, maybe I would have added her to my editorial squad. 

At this point, Helen and Cherry do a pretty good job of keeping me in line.  Lynne, if they ever miss anything, feel free to send me a note.

In the meantime, thanks so much for the card.  I love the artwork and, of course, can identify fully with the message.  In fact, it suddenly has me pondering.  During ZAGS games, Liam often retreats to the bathroom.  I'm wondering if he's been eyeing that toilet paper with ideas of a new "toy." 

Guess I'll have to keep a watch out.  Fortunately, Liam is still on the wagon when it comes to his old habits of chewing up the house.

Speaking of ZAGS, Bill came up with a fascinating factoid last night.  I don't know if it's alternative or not, but I do know it could be unique if true. 

He has figured that the University of Portland holds the distinction of being the only NCAA men's basketball team ever to play No. 4 in the nation one day and No. 3 two days later---same team. 

If anyone finds anything alternative to that, let me know, and if it is, indeed, the truth, it needs to be noted sometime by Greg Heister and his gang of commentators.  It would also be okay if Jay Bilas added the statistic to his repertoire. 

Bill would be proud to be cited, should any of them decide to share that with any sports news outlet---alternative or factual.  

My facts tell me that the ZAG Nation has so many reasons to be proud this year----as ZAGS are now No. 3, and after last night's victory, they have achieved the unique distinction of 20 wins with no losses. 

Keeping fingers crossed that the string will continue. 

Guess that's enough for this Tuesday morning.  Looking like another mild and dry day ahead. We've been pretty fortunate so far with this winter, and it looks like January may seem shorter than ever this year. 

Happy Tuesday. Enjoy the miscellaneous photos. 

Miss Lily is actually maintaining a pretty trim waistline during her pregnancy, but occasionally an angle gives way to the fact that there's probably a lot more than alfalfa inside that tummy area.  The big day will come in late March or early April. 

Lefty, soon to be "Uncle Lefty," soaking up the sun. 

Let me keep my eye on the ball, lest Kiwi grab it away from me. 

We've heard a lot of drip, drip, drip lately. 

It's a new concept now that I have garden boxes:  a snow garden.

I'd say this year's crop is lookin' pretty good.

Now, if I could figure out how to make some good shave ice, I'd be able to start a small business.  Ideas, anyone?

I did not get this from Pinterest.  I just did not want to waste a beautiful Border Collie calendar, so last year's puppy photos now adorn my barn walls.  

This adorable addition to my Border Collie collection came from "across the pond" in yesterday's mail.  Thank you, Lynne Stockman, for your thoughtful and much appreciated gesture.  Loved the story about your neighbor dog.

For those of you who don't know about Lynn's neighbor dog in England, she says that at first she thought its name was "Billy, come here."

Now, it seems to be shortened to 'Billy,' she adds.  To Lynne and all others who may not be aware, dogs' names do change from time to time, and sometimes they're not repeatable.

By the way, the ceramic overlooking this card came from another student Kari, and I have a pair of Border Collie socks sent to me by another student Karren from Boston.

Must be they've noticed I kinda like this wonderful breed. Thanks to all. 

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Preppy Mountain Farmer said...

Maybe you could start up a maple syrup sno-cone business once the trees are tapped. Beautiful pictures, as always.