Saturday, January 21, 2017

Saturday SLICES of Life

Well, it's been quite a week.  This time last week, Annie and I had spent the first night in our condo at Marina del Ray, Calif., and had gotten to know the neighborhood.  

Later, we took off for a marathon day of seeing the races at beautiful and historic Santa Anita Racetrack, then exploring downtown Los Angeles where we met some friends for dinner and, later, attending a hockey game.

It was a good getaway, especially considering the challenges we've experienced weather-wise since my return. 

Last night during our family gathering at Sweet Lou's, it was fun listening to the ice-provoked war stories involving the folks living on Center Valley Road. 

Our daughter-in-law Debbie shared the most recent tale.  She had fallen hard on the ice just before coming to dinner.  Her jeans were still wet in the rear where she landed.  

Debbie's other ice experience during the week was the first of the ice stories shared with me on Thursday morning by my sister when she texted, telling me not to worry about the spelling bee cuz there would be no school. 

Laurie also told me that the night before Debbie had to make two runs at the upward slope of Center Valley Road just after she turned off the highway. 

Finally making it to the driveway, she opted for parking her car on the downward path right next to my sisters' house.  

That way she figured that when she had to head for work the next morning, the car would at least go out the driveway, down the hill and eventually roll onto the highway. 

When another Center Valley resident stopped by our table last night, I learned that the ice had caused somewhat of a "get-to-know your neighbor" situation as several residents ended up in the ditch Wednesday night. 

We still have more than enough killer ice this morning, and I'm loving my Yak tracks. 

In other news, Willie had a good night in Rathdrum as the SHS girls basetball squad came off with a big victory over Lakeland. 

In the milestone category, two of my classmates, Janis Puzuhanich and Robin Melior, turned 70 today.  Each time I'm reminded of what's gonna happen to me in a few months, I cringe.  Still, reaching that point in good health and every point beyond is good news.

Happy Birthday, Ladies.  I'm happy to defer to my elders!

Speaking of looking ahead with positive thoughts, this week marks the nine-month mark in Lily's pregnancy.  She still seems to be doing fine and continues to prefer her alfalfa and grain to a midnight snack on ice cream.   I wonder if horses go through strange cravings like humans when they're expecting.

We watched most of the fanfare associated with the Inauguration yesterday.  I think my favorite part of the pageantry is the military review when the colorful Revolutionary War-era contingent and its accompanying band playing "Yankee Doodle" come marching past the President.

The Inauguration is always quite a show and a reminder that, for the most part, our transfer of power goes pretty smoothly and that regardless of the political situation, the event is filled with great American traditions.  

I did, however, learn from a friend and from a cousin's post on Facebook that maybe some dancing lessons might be in order for some of the folks in the spotlight at each of the balls last night.  

When I shared that information with Bill this morning, he quipped, "Well, maybe it's best that Donald Trump sticks with 'The Apprentice' rather than 'Dancing with the Stars.'"

Leave it to Bill!

So, today will be a good day---ice and all---cuz the ZAGS are playing at home vs. Portland at 5 p.m. PST on ROOT.

And, since the Love's are hosting the eatfest, that means some scrambling around to get the house in order and the goodies that go along with Bill's pulled pork and ribs portion of the menu. 

My brother Mike is in town, so if he and Mary come, we'll have a houseful-----that many more to cheer on the ZAGS. 

Hoping for victory No. 19 with no defeats.  GO, ZAGS!

Happy Saturday. 

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