Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thursday Tweet, Twin Rivers and Throwbacks

from Twitter:   31 minutes ago

Hope lets new life blossom, like a plant that grows from the seed fallen on the earth.

For the past four or five years, I've had a Twitter account. Like people on Facebook who say they read the entries but seldom post, I'm pretty much a Twitter "blurker."  

I follow both favorites and unfavorites and figure that each is equally important in the grand scheme of arriving at conclusions on any given days. 

Plus, it's fun to follow most of the ZAGS players who frequently tweet. 

During this morning's first read, a lovely reminder arose from the list of Twitter observations, so I decided to lead off with one of my favorite tweeters.  

Pope Francis' thoughts seemed appropriate and inspiring in the midst of a whole lot of other disturbing messages.

Plus, I bought a supply of seeds from the Co-Op Country Store this week---not so much in hopes that spring would hurry up and get here but more for being prepared.  

A day will come in the next few weeks when I feel the urge to pull out the trays and the potting soil and start my 'maters and lettuce.

I want to be ready for another year's promise of beautiful blossoms and soul food followed by tasty garden delights and displays of colorful flowers around the place. 

So, the necessary goods are here, and the day will come.  For now, just having those seeds and soil gives me the annual dose of hope.  And, Pope Francis' words surely suggest that we seek the seeds for other reasons for hope. 

Thanks, Pope Francis, for the timely reminder.

Now, on to other thoughts.  

I met a nice new friend yesterday and another canine named Kiwi.  This Kiwi is an adorable Pomeranian from Houston, Tex. She has accompanied her mom Johna and the extended family to the north country in hopes of relocating. 

We met outside the 3-Mile Antique Mall where I was headed inside to pick up the "Idaho Farmer" sign that took my eye on Sunday's initial visit. 

As Bill and I walked around the store, taking closer looks at items we'd simply scanned on Sunday, Johnna, her family and I enjoyed conversation.

She told me that her hubby was a friend of Charlie's from Carter Country Feeds, and that connection had provided the impetus for them to come searching up our way.  

Charlie had already told them a tidbit I shared:  come in the middle of the winter when conditions are challenging before making any decisions. 

Definitely a wise thought for anyone thinking of moving to our beautiful area.

Twas nice to meet this family, and I have a feeling we'll keep in touch.  It will be fun to see what they decide and where they end up away from being "surrounded by concrete," as Johna noted. 

After purchasing my Idaho farmer sign and another piece of funky farm-style art, we said good bye to Mike McGinnis, the mall owner and headed to Twin Rivers Campground where we had given our travel trailer a maiden run back in October. 

The sounds of silence abounded 'cept for a overhead messages from birds.  We had the place to ourselves and enjoyed walking and observing the stark changes from just a few months ago.  

Soon, however, all that dormant life will awaken, and the isolated place deep down within the canyon where the Kootenai and Moyie Rivers meet will serve as a great place to go to get a taste of early spring. 

Any time of the year, the beauty of Twin Rivers is striking and dramatic, even with a day of somewhat blah weather. 

And, today is also looking a bit blah, but it's a great day in the neighborhood, thinking about another big ZAGS game tonight.  Everyone's talking about the ZAGS potential for taking over No. 1 in the NCAA poll next week, but not so fast. 

They have two games to win----tonight and Saturday.  So, fingers crossed and hoping for the best.  GO, ZAGS!!! Sweep past those Toreros!

And, finally, some fun with throwbacks from the family collection of photos and clippings Laurie gave me a couple of weeks ago. 

Enjoy.  Happy Thursday. 

I had this sweet young man as a student about 30 years ago.  He now is a proud father of a college wrestler and has spent most of his teaching career as a wrestling coach in Washington,  I'm thinking he may now be a school adminstrator.  At one time, he was an adorable cowboy. 

One of the icons of our community while I was growing up was Gertrude Racicot (extreme right), whom I always liked to refer to as "Mrs. Presbyterian."

Of course, Gertrude's sister-in-law Ardis (third from left) also reached the status of icon, not only for her love of horses but also because she lived to be 101 years old.

I also recognize Ardis' friend Veldonna Osborn on the extreme left and Hal Carter (hand on chin) but would need some help on identifying the other lady and gentleman.

I always like telling the story of my mother's daily conversations with Ardis when we still had the wall phone and the local telephone network.

"382, please," I would hear just about every single morning and the chatter would go on for at least an hour. 

I'm thinking these 4-H ladies may have been in the paper for winning a horse judging contest.  My sisters Laurie and Barbara are in the first row, extreme left and right, while Janice Wood Schoonover and Kim Lewis Cox are in the middle.

In the back row are Larriann (sp) Smith, Mari Chambers Matthews, Becky Marienau Hawkins and Penny Karst Hoffman (?). 

Jean Martin, I'm thinking this is truly and goldy oldy but you're so lucky cuz you always exude eternal youth.  You'll have to share the story of that classic car. 

Esther, one of my former teaching colleagues, had just won an award for the local Eagles in this photo.  These days she spends her time following the ZAGS!  

Would ya believe that lady on the left earned about a week's worth of fame a few weeks ago standing directly behind Michelle Obama in her last public address.

Well, our beloved Jeralyn is demonstrating in this photo during the one and only Chico-community Stick eat-off contest why she is our beloved Jeralyn.

That's her daughter Christy who has since graduated from college, and just barely making it into the photo is The River Journal publisher Trish Gannon. 

Twas a fun summer day in Sandpoint several years ago when my dear friend Mow (on the right) brought her friends to Sandpoint, and we got together for lunch at Ivanos. 

Seems like a reminder of my mother's lovely artistic talent makes a nice way to punctuate today's post.  This painting is from a photo Bill took more than 40 years ago at Herman Lake off old HWY 2 northeast of Bonners Ferry.

This has always been one of my favorites from Mother's collection of Western art. 

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