Friday, February 03, 2017

Friday Miscellany

Yesterday Facebook started posting individual videos for "Happy Friends Day."  Some people think the videos pretty corny, so much so they have registered their disdain in ALL CAPS. Meanwhile, others kinda like those "friend" videos.

I viewed mine yesterday and saw a lot of family members, especially my sisters. The video was okay, and I think it's a nice gesture for Facebook to do.  Plus, it's a friendly reminder of the importance of friends in our lives.

I was thinking about my multitude of friends this morning and kept coming up with the same conclusion: they come in all sizes, species, backgrounds and venues.  

They're members of our family whom we've known since our birth or since theirs. Sometimes they evolve from chance meetings, like the lady I met at the antique store the other day.  

They're old but not always "old."   They're new but sometimes "old." Sometimes, because of unique circumstances, they're even off and on friends.  

Sometimes we don't see them for years or even decades, and when we do, it's as if time stood still. In most cases, it seems that a common experience "way back when" sealed a permanent bond. I find that comforting. 

Our friends agree with us at times and occasionally scratch their heads, wondering if we've lost the essentials inside our heads.  Sometimes they tell us so with great candor; other times, they just keep scratching and wondering. 

Friends have four legs, sometimes wings and beaks and often tails.  When dogs wag those tails, we know they love us; when horses start wagging and we're on top, better look out!

Our friends' methods of communicating warm or positive feelings toward us varies with everything from whimpering with great emotion like our Kiwi does to honking the horn when they drive by like my friend Gary does. 

It dawned on me yesterday that, thanks to technology and all the "frequent flyers" of the past few decades, these days, our friends span the globe, hailing from countries we've never visited or becoming our friends because we had the chance to visit their country. 

Again, the common experiences create everlasting bonds, assuring us that the next time our paths cross, we can simply build on that bond.  

While thinking about this gradual change in the expanse of our friend pool, it also occurred to me that our respect for places outside our immediate surroundings has expanded too.  That's because we have friends in those places, and suddenly what concerns our friends, concerns us. 

Lots to think about when it comes to friends, but the bottom line for me is that friends, at generally every turn of my lifetime, have and continue to influence and sustain us in so many ways that there just aren't enough fingers and toes in this world to count.

So, Facebook, thanks for nudging me about a priceless facet of my life.  And, thanks to Edie Brickell and her banjo playing buddy Steve Martin creating a lovely and simple reminder of how our friends affect us.  If I had a tail, I'd wag it every time I hear the lyric below.  

You've been a friend of mine
For such a long, long time
Made me laugh and seen me cry
Called me to say "hi"

The world is such a crazy place
Full of joy and pain
What would I do without you
Here to keep me sane

I've seen revolving doors
I've been a stepping stone
I don't know what I did wrong
Why they left me alone

When everybody lets me down
You lift me up again
What would I do without you
My old, faithful friend?

You've been a friend of mine
For such a long, long time
Made me laugh and seen me cry
Call me to say "hi"

What would I do without you?

And, now for a few miscellaneous photos taken yesterday around our farm, where you'll see the ongoing ice situation. This morning, the leg breaking ice has intensified, thanks to a light coating of snow, which hides the really slick spots.  

Be careful out there. 

Finally, it was a long time followed by a short night, but no complaints.  Folks in the ZAG Nation all around the world are smiling after Mark Few's No. 1 team fought it out with the resilient and determined BYU Cougars.  

Twas an amazing win for the ZAGS, and I'm thinking No. 23 has got to be the sweetest so far.  GO, ZAGS!!!  

Happy Friday to all friends around the world. Love you!

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