Thursday, February 16, 2017

Throwbacks: Ten Years Ago . . . .

Well, this morning, Bill, my sisters and I were going to head off for a weekend in Phoenix. 

Well, this morning, now we're not going.  

Our barns are flooded with about four-five inches of water after a heavy overnight rain and melting snow.  It's the perfect storm, so to speak, for good ol' North Idaho winter misery.  

We're not really happy, to say the least, but our animals are important to us.  We'll figure out what to do about all the reservations later.

At this moment, Bill is in town buying a pump cuz it's gonna get worse before it gets better.

Rather than sharing a bunch of  %#3i34@@??? words, which I've already shared during an hour's worth of trying to remove the lake from Lily's stall, only to give up, I'll just end with "Mama said there'd be day's like this. . . !"

Thank you, North Idaho.  We didn't really need to see the Arizona sunshine anywho. 

Happy Thursday.  GO, ZAGS.  Enjoy the throwback photos from ten years ago.  . . .

Ten years ago, we still had our magnificent, unique Lodgepole tree, which crashed to the ground about a year ago.  So, cousins Patti and Sue joined the Lodgepole Society during a weekend visit. 

Ten years ago, a retirement party for a couple of Farmin-Stidwell teachers was held at my sisters' farm.  I'm pretty sure they were looking at pretty horses. 

Ten years ago, Willie received his official Wampus Cat regalia. Thanks, Trish. 

Ten years ago we met our little Lovestead Lefty for the first time.  Turns out he picked me out, and when Barbara called Laurie, he was the same little baby that had taken a liking to her.  So, it was meant to be that he would come along to Idaho with his pal Dusty. 

Ten years ago, my new Miss Lily had a lot less white hair.  

This is my editor Helen's daughter Pam and her two children.  They're among the few Alaskans who belong to our Lodgepole Society.

This little lady came to Farmin-Stidwell horse day at the Tibbs farm with her dear mom, everyone's friend the late Jenny Meyer.

We pontooned on Lake Pend Oreille in 2007.

Ten years ago, we hiked the beautiful Scout Trail northeast of Bonners Ferry.  Tough hike, but oh so beautiful.

Ten years ago, Barbara met Dusty for the first time.  Oh, the places they have gone since!

Ten years ago we had some kind of forestry program at our new home.  That's Bill's fishing buddy Chris  putting on a talk while my editor's husband Skip listens.

Ten years ago, Annie took her Aunt Laurie on her first geocaching adventure on the new Mickinnick Trail in north Sandpoint.

Ten years ago, Annie and I took a trip up the Yaak River valley in Northwest Montana and visited the falls.

Would you believe I was a member of a group called "Church Women."  At this particular gathering, I did a book talk about my teaching career.  Occasionally, to add a little spice to a humdrum day in the classroom, I pulled out two styrofoam cups, cut out the bottoms, stuck them in my eye sockets, taped up my nose and moved on with class.  

Kids suddenly came out of whatever daze they happened to be enjoying at the time.  BTW, for disclosure:  I bought my own cups with money from my meager school teacher salary.

A little cousin craziness with my then new Amish cart.  I'm hoping to have Lefty pulling that this year.  Fingers crossed. 

Always adorable, these little ones are now in high school and still adorable. 

Somebody named Bill, now president of the local Trout Unlimited, caught this brookie while "crick" fishing. 

Cousins had a great time visiting that the Lodgepole Society tree, and these cousins and more have continued to have a wonderful time getting together. 

Our lives were enriched by four of these lovables.  We became related "by dog" to my dear friend Mow in Palm Springs. 

This little darling who came trick or treating is still a darling, as are her two sisters.

Former student and family friend, Kris Addison Owens, came to one of my book events for newly published Lessons with Love

Two little babies from Montana, Lefty and Dusty, came home and strutted their stuff at the fair horse show. 

More than likely, Loblolly Love and Grandpapa were discussing geocaching.  Our daughter Annie just celebrated 10 years of working at Groundspeak, Inc., which runs the website. 

Hazel Hall was still inspiring everyone.  In this case she was enjoying the reception for the Camp family's 100-year birthday party for their house on 6th Avenue in Sandpoint.

Two matriarchs were still enjoying the family fun at the Bonner County Fair:  Helen Thompson and Virginia Tibbs. 

We took a ride in the Kodiak----model No. 4, I believe.  That's our former neighbor, my mother, me and Bill.  We went to Spokane to pick up Annie who was coming home from Seattle for Thanksgiving. 

A HERO received a Sandpoint hometown welcome with a parade and a reception after losing both legs in Iraq:  Sgt. Brandon Adam.  More than a hero! Love you, Brandon!

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