Sunday, February 19, 2017

Where in the World IS Annie Headed This Time? Etc.

My flip flops are smiling! Can't wait to take off for Brazil tomorrow!
                                                                  ---Annie Love

Look out, South America! Annie Love will soon be on her way to flipflop her way through the jungle to find some of your geocaches. 

Yup, off she goes again on another adventure and to visit yet another continent for the first time.  

It's a long day ahead for Annie as she takes off from Seattle about 9:30 this morning, endures a five-hour layover in Detroit and then flies for ten hours to Sao Paulo, Brazil.  

She'll be meeting other geocaching friends at the airport and then heading into the jungle to find the "Ape Cache." 

From the official geocaching blog:  In 2001, fourteen geocaches were placed in conjunction with 20th Century Fox to support the movie "Planet of the Apes." 

Each geocache represented a fictional story in which scientists revealed an Alternative Primate Evolution (A.P.E.).

The Brazilian Ape cache, which Annie and her group will find, is located in Intervales State Park, within the Atlantic Rain Forest and known for its abundant bird watching opportunities.

Annie tells me that she's not sure how much connection she'll have to the outside world for at least a couple of days of her visit, but if she's lucky, I'm sure we'll see some fascinating photos.

While Annie is on her way to South America, my brother Mike and his wife Mary will be flying back to the states from Mexico City, where they have spent a wonderful two weeks, revisiting many familiar areas from when they lived there in the mid-1980s.  

Maybe they can wave at Annie as they fly by. 

Meanwhile back here at the Lovestead, we enjoyed another afternoon of ZAGS basketball, especially the outcome which makes the ZAGS just two games away from attaining the perfect season.

This is going to be a pins-and-needles week for the ZAG faithful, and as I told our living room group yesterday, next Saturday when they play their last regular season game against BYU at the Kennel, it's gonna be emotional in many ways.  

We'll all hope to be shedding happy tears and that the ZAGS write their way into the annals of NCAA history.  What a wonderful run it has been and such a positive diversion from day-to-day challenges and general negativity.

What this team has done to uplift its fans through their dedication, their talent, their team unity and their phenomenal success is so appreciated.  GO, ZAGS!

Meanwhile, later today my sisters and I will try to make up for the disappointment of our cancelled weekend trip by visiting India and Australia for a couple of hours.  It's a pretty inexpensive escape, and it should be inspiring. 

Happy Sunday. Safe travels to all family members!

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