Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Champions and One Nasty Woman

Statue of Liberty lights shut down.  

Mother Nature lashes out with another overnight dump. Nasty Mother Nature!

Lily wonders if she's gonna have to have her baby in a snowbank.

International Women's Day?  Hmmm!  If this is the way it starts, the day ought to be a doozy!

March Madness is striking in a variety of different ways this year.  

But, by golly, we can put up with the lights out on Liberty Lady and one more time of cleaning out the driveway, cuz we in the ZAGS Nation are enjoying a little more bounce to our step this morning as both the Gonzaga women's and men's teams took their WCC tournament championships.  

Now, we can exhale.  Both will be going to their respective Big Dances next week, and a whole lot of the naysayers may have been muffled after last night's exciting tournament finale at the Orleans Arena. 

According to one of my sources at the Arena, both games were almost as identical as the outcomes-----big lead, dwindling lead, then final punch.

How sweet it is for the teams, the coaches and the masses of loyal ZAGS followers!  And, probably the sweetest in my mind is a ZAG photo below, which I found on Twitter this morning.

It's Big Guy and his parents with the tournament trophy.  A year ago, everyone wondered if Karnowski would ever play basketball again after a severe back injury had him in extreme pain and looking a whole lot older than his 20-something. 

Well, after watching the amazing comeback, I'm sure there's an orthopedic specialist somewhere who probably has a waiting list of folks with sore backs seeking his magic.  

A wonderful story for the gentle giant and so neat his parents could be there in Las Vegas to see his phenomenal performance last night. 

And, as Shakespeare or Marc Antony would say in a speech Karnowski is an honorable player, so are they all, all honorable players. 

And, we who love the ZAGS for multiple reasons are so proud and so thrilled for them this morning. 

So, while we shovel more snow, the ZAGS men and women can start practicing their intricate footwork, cuz they're definitely gonna be our stars, dancing their way through March Madness. 

Happy Wednesday.  Congratulations, ZAGS!

ZAGS Sweep WCC! Great DUDES and DUDETTES.  Amazing!

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Great article and photos.