Friday, March 10, 2017

Escape to the Desert

I don't know if it's Catholic guilt or what, but after reading several Facebook posts about more rotten weather at home yesterday, I was feeling a little reluctant to share information about our escape from North Idaho snow and immersion into 90-degree temps, bare ground and enough sun over the desert to keep my camera clicking. 

Elisabeth, who is taking care of the Lovestead and all the beloveds, told me not to feel guilty, so I'll follow her advice and share the wealth of a getaway to Arizona.  

It's a pretty time of year to be here, even though the heat is a bit intimidating.  Like Bill said when the outside air is suddenly 50 degrees higher than what we were feeling as we left Spokane Airport yesterday morning, it takes some time to adjust.

Even the folks in Phoenix are feeling the heat.  Carry lots of water and stay watch out for bees cuz they're swarming, our desk clerk told us. We'll follow her advice too.  She also told us how pretty the desert flowers are right now and, oh, so fragrant.  We enjoyed a sample of both the color and the fragrance right outside our hotel. 

We had enough time after arriving to drive over to the Superstition Mountains, a favorite place for past trips with my sisters.  I think it might have been Bill's first hike on the trails of Lost Dutchman State Park, so it was pretty obvious he was enjoying the sights.

We started hiking right before the sun, casting lovely late afternoon rays our direction, made its descent off to the west.  Twas a great opportunity to capture as much as possible while walking that trail and enjoying the ever-present, melodious tones of birds flititng from bush to bush or even enjoying the view from atop the cacti. 

Once the sun disappeared, the sounds of coyotes, seemingly fairly close to where we were walking, added to the desert chorus. 

It was dark by the time we reached the car, and there had been some grumbling when we apparently lost the trail and had to go cross country (in some not so fit for hiking) slip on shoes.  Of course, if Annie had been along with us in her flipflops, she would have done just fine.

The rocks and bushes at dusk, though, can do a number on an old gal, so I stepped ever so carefully in between complaining.  Once at the car, though, the complaining stopped, and we found a Mexican Restaurant in Apache Junction, which was so busy, we had to sit at the bar. 

Bar life in Apache Junction was interesting, especially when the bartender Susie, offered us each a free Margarita while we waited for our dinner.  Apparently, someone had ordered them and then left, so we obliged.

Susie was a sweetheart and even more fun when I learned she was a horse lover.  We had time to get acquainted with some of the bar regulars and to conclude that it was definitely "an experience."  

So, we're here.  I'm not feeling too guilty but am really wishing my sisters could have made it after our ill-fated plans in February.  

So, Barbara and Laurie, just know I'm thinking about you and hoping next time it will work out for all of us. There were some good memories from past adventures when we three visited those Superstitions. 

The whole scene near Apache Junction at sundown is truly breath-taking.  And, the margarita was pretty good too!

Happy Friday.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Karen Evans said...

Lived south of Tucson for 10 years. Careful being out at dusk and early evening, critters come out! Enjoy your visit, remember the sunscreen

Helen said...

If it is 90 degrees, why is Bill in long pants and a long sleeved shirt?