Friday, March 24, 2017

Give Us a Break, ZAGS!

                                                                                                               ---Photos from Twitter

It's pretty difficult to think about anything other than that ZAGS game last night.  

So much energy involved.  So much inner turmoil.  So many time-outs. So many death-defying moments.  So much failure to take a breath!

And, that was just on my couch.  

And, surely on couches around the world.

I've never heard so many medical terms used in conjunction with a ZAGS game----terms referring to the fans and not the players. 

Blood pressure rising off the charts.  

Near heart attacks. 

Fingernails chewed so close to the quick that if we have another game like last night's, some folks are gonna have to start in on their toenails.  If they have the fungus, that could be pretty disgusting. 

Possible severe depression looming for some.

Heck, even Coach Mark Few, after watching the game from the sidelines, got accused in a press conference of having a monkey on his back.  I'm not really sure what kind of disease that is, but surely it's a bad one.

Speculation on this one, but SO many beer overdoses.  

At least one fan reported having to change her panties once the game had ended.

Actually, I felt pretty well-cared for since a doctor friend checked in with me about my blood pressure AFTER the ZAGS won. 

Of course, that was probably after he checked his own to make sure HE was still alive. 

Even my sister texted me.  

"You still with us???" she asked. 

I'm guessing this morning that it was pretty lucky for some fans that Obamacare did NOT get repealed yesterday.
Those folks may have faced some grave consequences if they came within a heartbeat of entering the grave.  

That bad Obama dude loves basketball, so maybe it was his influence that held fast on coverage for at least one more day. 

In one case during last night's game, a couple actually discussed options dealing with both medical decisions and life insurance.  Should we learn CPR, or do we just let nature take its course and file for the life insurance claim?  

Since both are still alive this morning, maybe the CPR lessons got the nod this time over one spouse getting suddenly rich over the demise of the other. 

That was in a household where the parties had a personal stake in both the Gonzaga game with West Virginia and the one-point last minute victory for the Oregon Ducks over Michigan. 

Except for my friend from Palm Springs who got to sit back, smile and enjoy watching her Kansas team trounce Purdue, I'm figuring that pretty much every fan watching a March Madness game last night went through distress unlike no other.

After all, when six whole points separated winners from losers in three games, I'm sure a lot of fingernails suffered the wrath and maybe even a few hanging cuticles.

We ZAGS fans figure we paid our dues and then some last night as we watched one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking ZAGS victories ever.  

And, so on this morning after, in a calm state, I'd like to make a request of the ZAGS.

Tomorrow afternoon, at about 3 p.m. PDT, when you play Xavier for a chance to go to the Final Four, would you please get busy and rack up that 25-point lead by the first commercial break AND then hold on to it????


We fans think we've surely earned one game where we can sit back, relax, leave our fingernails alone and just plain enjoy 40 minutes of pure ZAGness at its very best. 

It would be good medicine for the ZAG Nation and surely it would be good for you too!

We love you, ZAGS, but we also want to live long enough to cheer you on in the Final Four. 


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