Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Hello, March

I remember five years ago, pulling out of our driveway, which was flanked by dirty, frozen snow banks. It was March 3, I believe.  

As I turned on to South Center Valley Road, I thought to myself, "When I get back, this will be all gone."

I was headed to Ireland, my first visit, with my daughter Annie.  It would be nearly two weeks before my return.

Well, silly me. When I returned, the driveway and its snowbanks had hardly changed.

So, here we are in March, and we've got a whole lot more snow than that year and more falling. 

Those of us yearning for a break will have to just keep on yearning or go someplace else. 

Bill and I are choosing the latter in the next couple of weeks, so we can take it.  My only fear is that when we return, history may repeat itself with a driveway, covered with snow and hiding an assortment of villainous ice patches.

I guess time will tell, but we did turn the calendar over today, and it says spring is officially 20 days away, so we can only hope.

Yesterday's new drop of snow, which varied in depth around the county with some folks reporting a foot of the new stuff, at least gave us a couple of breaks.  

It was light and it was pretty, and, after an afternoon drive around the  always beautiful Hope, Bull River, Bonners Ferry loop, we agreed that some areas have a lot more thawing to do than we.

So, accentuate the positive, and be glad for another photographer's dream. 

After cleaning out the same daily travel areas we've cleaned out at least half a dozen times in the past month, Bill wondered if I wanted to go on a drive toward Bull River. 

Of course!

So, off we went, stopping in Clark Fork for some goodies at the Pantry.  I've never tried their molasses cookies.  I shall try them again.  Talk about supreme savoring for the tastebuds and an effective lure with each bite to take another and another.  

Good cookies!

Bull River folks have a heaping helping of snow, and I think spring may surely wait until long after March 20 to arrive there.  We saw ice fishermen on Bull Lake and even a snowmobiler standing and putzing around the lake, enjoying the sights.

We enjoyed this trip as much as any of the dozens we take spontaneously each year and even more frequently now that Bill is sorta retired. 

We came home where Bill prepared gumbo for his Fat Tuesday feast, and I nibbled on cheese and other snacks.  

We watched the President's speech.  Though difficult for me to admit, I will grant that he generally behaved himself. 

I wonder if he's getting the message that his constant insults and put-downs of anyone in the world besides himself and his family are not resonating.

Even though I seriously doubt that we can teach old dogs new tricks like "don't bite,"  "be nice," "show respect" or "wag your tail once in a while to honor everyone you meet," it would be nice and helpful to see an anomaly.

Only time will tell as we're seeing each day with our winter weather.

Happy Wednesday. Enjoy the photos.   

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