Monday, March 06, 2017

How 'bout This Snow? Let Me Count the Days!

Niece Laura, I'm not at all happy with you! WHY did you have to post that weather item yesterday on Facebook suggesting that we'd be having snow here every day 'til the Ides of March???

You coulda kept that to yourself and let the rest of us live on in our state of false hopes!

Oh well, the cat is out of the bag, and maybe Antony will even be proclaiming in his funeral speech for Caesar (who at least died so he wouldn't have to see any more snow), "Out, Out, You Damned Snow!  Out!  I say!"

For now, my sister Laurie's horse Rusty has made his feelings known. He would have liked to be outside yesterday, but had to stay in the barn for when some company came. 

Not that there would be green grass out there anyway.

Yup, as we were having a white-out yesterday, my neighbors and I drove over to Barbara and Laurie's to visit with horses and my sisters. 

It was a good diversion, standing inside the stable patting soft and willing noses while snow fell outside. 

Later, I went to town to pick up the new Alison Kraus CD "Windy City," which is nice and which gave me an excuse to drive around on semi slick country roads and listen to her soothing voice while taking pictures of snow. 

I'm getting rather tired of taking pictures of snow, but it's not the snow's fault.  It's still very pretty even if it IS supposed to sit in storage bin up there and wait until November before coming back again.  

Must be Mother Nature has a overage on snow supplies and needs to dispense of them before the next batch gets brewed up and needs some place to stay. 

Anywho, the "it's snow jokes" are beginning to be no joke at all.  Not much we can do though but take pictures and gripe. 

So, I've got that over with for this morning, and now I can go on to the positives. Festus is still doing well.  It's a ZAGS day, and President Obama hasn't done anything bad yet today. 

Good way to start out a week, I guess.  It'll be a putzing kind of day, cleaning the refrigerator, bringing in more wood for winter, playing with dogs and counting the minutes until the ZAGS tip-off against Santa Clara at 6 p.m. PST.  

Happy Monday to all.  If you're in a nonsnow zone, enjoy yourself a little extra in honor of the poor saps here in the Northwest who are about to go outside and launch snowballs at the world. 



Helen said...

Love the Dutch-door barn picture. That's a classic and belongs on a note card. I'll buy the first box!

Marianne Love said...

Thanks. I like it too.