Monday, March 27, 2017

Just Monday Stuff

I wanted to post this picture this morning because it's raining and ugly out AGAIN.  Seeing this smile, however, from a young lady who's going to work with Lefty as a 4-H project washes away the gray, so to speak.

Terra and her mom came over Saturday morning to complete paperwork for 4-H and for Terra to have an opportunity to get better acquainted with Lefty.

While Mom and I talked and answered questions on forms, Terra worked with Lefty in a box stall, removing loose winter hair and giving him a nice rubdown with different brushes and a rag.  He even got some mousse to help train his mane, which is of various lengths. 

I may have mentioned a time or two before that Lefty deals with an ongoing skin condition, and, at times, he rubs too much for the good of his hide.  Various strategies have been used over the years, and I'll be trying a new one this year with a supplement.

We'll just have to see what happens because many times I've had my hopes up with the latest remedy only to walk to the barn and find a brand-new rub spot.  Fingers crossed for the new approach.

Whatever the case, I feel pretty confident that Lefty and Terra are going to become good friends. They had a good start as Terra led him to the round pen and worked with him. It gives me great pleasure to be a part of their friendship, especially whenever I see Terra's lovely smile. 

On the Lily front, it's a day-to-day wait for the young one to arrive.  Maybe in the next week, and I'm sure Lily's feeling pretty much the same as any expectant mom in her last week of pregnancy---the sooner the better. 

This is the stage where an obnoxious human spends a lot of time standing around and staring, hoping to see thumps on the stomach and looking for any signs that the mare is getting closer.  

Lucky they don't do that with humans.  I think I would have been just like Lily if they had done that to me 40 almost 40 years ago; for sure, I'd have put my ears back and flung out a hate stare just like Lily does to me several times a day.

This week marks the beginning of the quadruple family birthdays, and we're figuring to have one big party this Saturday for all four during the Final Four.  Makes sense, right?

So, over the next few days while not staring at Lily, I'll be doing some house work and yard work in anticipation of family visitors, a new face in the critter crowd and maybe even a victory for our ZAGS in the Final Four.  

Lots of fun and work ahead. Plus, we may even see some significant sunshine and warmer temps later in the week.  We'll take it. 

Happy Monday. 

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