Saturday, March 04, 2017

Saturday Slight

Feeling pretty squirrely this morning.

For starters,  I'm just trying out a new writing style: 


President Obama has infiltrated Mother Nature's hard drive, changing the seasonal settings, so we're gonna have winter until July 17.   Disgusting!  What a bad dude for fooling with Mother Nature!

~~~~~~from Sellelady@Twitter . . again: Someone (probably that Obama dude) entered the locker room before the game and sprayed invisible velcro on the ZAGS' hands before the game last Saturday.  They could not shoot.  They could not pass. Mortally Sinful!

I don't know if I want to convert to that writing style here on the blog, but it's fun to experiment. 

Anywho, it's a Saturday, and I'm hoping they've frisked the Orleans Arena today to make sure the mysterious velcro villain is not lurking in a locker room, specifically in the ZAGS'.

We're back at it this week with the WCC tournament, where things have started out well in the ZAG Nation with the women trouncing Pacific last night.  

And, tonight, the ZAGS men take on Pacific's Tigers. 

Hoping for a big rebound from last Saturday night's disappointing debacle. 

For what it's worth, we were told as children about Navajo blankets. Our folks explained to us that with authentic Navajo blankets or rugs, each finished product should have a flaw somewhere in the blanket. 

I've never researched the total accuracy of that statement, but it seems to be fairly universal knowledge.

When I think back on the countless flaws in my 4-H sewing projects, it would be clearly obvious that they were always authentic Marianne projects.  

Heck, maybe I could have made some money with that cotton slip, with its aerated feature from all the times Eleanor Delamarter kindly told me I needed to rip the seams and sew them back up one more time. 

Anyway, back to the Navajo blankets/rugs.  I'm thinking that this week our ZAGS will be more authentic and maybe better than ever, thanks to last week's imperfection in their amazing season record. 

If things truly work that way, I think we're in for some good times in this March Madness.

It will be fun, and if all goes well, maybe they'll be playing on April First, and we can convince President Obama to leave that Trump Tower alone and go to Phoenix and work some magic for the ZAGS so, flawed and all, they can FOOL all the pundits and the naysayers and move one step closer to the National Championship.   

Howz about it, Mr. Obama????   You seem to be capable of just about anything, including fooling all those folks with that fake birth certificate.  

On to other subjects!

Festus, my cat is doing famously.  He's eating better and peeing a whole lot less.  That's a good sign that his insulin injections, given twice a day by this newly minted injector are on the mark.  

Thank you, Dr. Kellner!

Nice to see our Festus on the mend. 

It's also nice to see all the greenery in the garden window and on the card table next to the sliding glass door.  This year's seeds have germinated successfully, and the start for Gardening 2017 is looking great at this point.

I'm also enjoying walking out to the barn in daylight these days, and this morning, I did it without Yak Trax.  I think we're moving ever so slowly toward spring in spite of President Obama tinkering with Mother Nature's hard drive. 

Guess that's about all for this morning.  Lots of good basketball today and nice weather outside and, of course, the ZAGS, so it's looking like a great day. 

Happy Saturday and look out for anyone out and about spraying that invisible velcro. 

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