Monday, March 20, 2017

Welcome, Spring!

It may not be our first pick on ideal conditions for the first day of spring here in North Idaho, but we'll take it. 

The sun is casting pink rays on Schweitzer, geese are honking, robins are singing, and even the CHEEZEburger bird out by the road was crooning away. 

Considering the past week, today looks A-okay, even if we still have a lot of lakes flowing around and beneath big stretches of hard-packed snow. 

Water is still flowing from the dog's playground pasture over the lane and into Pasture No. 2 where it is headed to the southwest toward the fields along Selle Road. 

Bill says it will all eventually reach the Pacific Ocean.  Good riddance for now. 

I'm sure that after we've had three days of sunshine, some civic-minded, responsible soul wishing to rain on everyone's sunny-day parade will start obsessing over possibilities of a drought.  

I'm also sure that a lot of farmers won't mind one bit to see their water-logged fields dry out so they can do some farming. 

We were pretty amazed yesterday to see so many acres of the Kootenai Valley devoid of snow, especially after our last trip up that way a few weeks ago to inspect the heavy snow drop that closed schools for several days, so folks could shovel out. 

Our afternoon drive took us past the area where a mud slide came from a hilltop and covered portions of HWY 95 on the entrance to Bonners Ferry.  We also drove up what Bill calls the Eileen Road, while others call it the Moyie River Road. 

Bill was hoping we could find a spot where we could look down into the river valley and see where several railroad cars loaded with grain derailed in a remote spot last week.  

All we saw of the derailment was heavy equipment and some some salvaged pieces of train cars which had been brought to a crossing.

The snow-capped mountains across the river to the east were pretty though, and every time I left the pickup to take pictures, both spring air and blue skies made me want to stay out of the pickup. 

A lovely old barn along the roadside offered another chance to step outside and breathe that lovely air while snapping a few shots. 

Later, we drove to the National Wildlife Refuge and walked one of the trails along Deep Creek, which has overflowed in several spots, especially around Naples.  Both the Kootenai River and Deep Creek are running pretty dirty these March days. 

Lots of humans flocked to the refuge, which offered an ongoing chorus of bird chatter on the sunny Sunday.  I think most everyone wants to get outside and walk without fear of slipping, sliding or sinking.  The refuge offered great opportunities for just that, since its trails along dikes are mostly bare. 

I know that spring always receives an enthusiastic welcome, but I'm thinking this year's first day will bring forth a little more exhilaration than usual.  We deserve to celebrate!

Happy Monday.  Enjoy Spring!   

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