Friday, April 07, 2017

Another Soggy Day in the 'hood

If you don't have anything good to say, then don't say it.  

It's that kind of day around here with plenty to gripe about----another heavy continual downpour (oh, and we're gonna have thunder storms this afternoon), ongoing situation with the Spokesman-Review which has trouble delivering, fully pregnant mare named Lily who won't deliver, the mind-boggling national scene and an alleged schizophrenic murderer running loose somewhere in the county.

Just another day in the neighborhood, but there is one bright note on this gloomy, wet April 7.  Our sister Laurie is celebrating a birthday. I hope she finds some ways to enjoy it on this ugliest of ugly days.  We'll probably do our best to see that she does. 

I always chuckle to myself and love to revive a tale involving my high school classmate Joanne Buhr whenever Laurie or Jim's birthdays roll around.

On this date or maybe the day after, X number of years ago, Joanne, who lived on Ontario, had a slumber party scheduled.  I think it was to celebrate her birthday.  

We were then eighth graders at Sandpoint Junior High.

Well, Laurie was born at that time, so I had to call Joanne up to tell her I could not make it to the party because I had another new little sister.  

Joanne perfectly understood because she had a new sister the same year my other sister Barbara was born.  

Laurie came along a year or so after Barbara.   

So, that was that.  I stayed home from the party and helped out as we made way for Laurie to join us at our North Boyer farm. 

A few years later, when we were juniors at Sandpoint High School, Joanne scheduled another slumber party.  

It was the same weekend as a big football game during the last year ever that SHS Bulldog football went undefeated----- October, 1963.

A lot was going on that weekend because my brother Kevin played on that football team. Well, the night of the game and the day before Joanne's scheduled slumber party, my brother Jim was born at halftime.  

Our family doctor at the time, Dr. Hayden, didn't want to miss the game, so there was a radio in the delivery room. The Bulldogs won, and we had a new little brother. 

Next morning, I had to call Joanne and tell her once again that I could not make it to her party because my mother had another baby, and this time it was a boy. 

Joanne was understandably surprised at this second "my-mother-had-a-baby" excuse, and she did wonder if she should have any more slumber parties. 

I don't know if she ever did.  Maybe she chose not to invite me, just in case.  

Anyway, with everyone's birth there always seems to be a crazy story, but I'm betting my sister and my brother are among the few on the planet who chose to come into the world at slumber party time.  

I missed going to the parties, but I'm really glad for both of those excuses AND Joanne and I still enjoy keeping track of each other.  Plus, the likelihood of her planning any upcoming slumber parties is pretty slim. 

Who knows----she's got a birthday coming up April 10.  Maybe I'll invite her to a slumber party here at the Lovestead and then have to cancel because Lily had a baby foal. 

That might be a good idea because Lily's just keeps holding on.  Of course, who would want to have a baby in this weather, so maybe April 10 will work out. 

Dear Joanne, 

Would you like to come and stay over at my house on your 70th birthday?  I can invite some of our classmates who are still hanging around Sandpoint.  

We could have a lot of fun, stay up all night, talk, giggle and maybe even ride bikes around the neighborhood.

Whaddya think?  It would be a slumber party like no other!

Let me know.

Your old but slightly younger friend,

Happy wet Friday, and Happy Birthday, Laurie.  

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