Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Beams of Morning Light and Life

More rain BUT a lovely interlude this morning.  The earth has once again received a thorough bathing. At this time, at least we can acknowledge that Mother Nature has much more to wash down than a bunch of dormant branches.

Leaves of green and yellow have budded and, in many cases, burst forth from their winter wombs. 

It’s easy to spot the earlybird daffodils hiding under bushes with those ever-brilliant yellow flowers.  Soon the place will be alive and dotted with waves of yellow floral flags rising amidst the green green grass of spring.

Even with another siege of rain, this morning’s outdoor experience was beautiful, energizing and a bit upside down regarding my usual schedule.

My usual schedule involves hopping out of bed around 4:20, taking my bath, then grabbing a cup of coffee and heading upstairs to the computer for the first round of sipping coffee and surfing overnight events and favorite blogs.

Well, this morning, that clock said 5:13.  I think all those nights of getting up around midnight or 1 o’clock to go to the barn caught up, thus causing me to extend last night's slumber for my internal catch-up.

Anyway, this morning I did chores when I usually do computer stuff, and with the morning light gradually increasing and casting some lovely perspectives, I took pictures when I’m usually reading the papers.
I just now raced through my early morning surfing and was relieved to learn we’re not at war with North Korea just yet.   The day is young.  Who knows? 

Maybe today another country out there will start, beating its chest, strutting its macho stuff, and the storyline will change just in time for tonight’s newscasts.

Happily, peace and relative quiet reigns here at the Lovestead, and I’m hoping that continues cuz if it ever stops raining for more than 24 hours, we may be on our way to the ever growing bundle of spring projects awaiting our attention.

For now, we just enjoy Mother Nature’s occasional handouts of newly washed natural beauty.  For sure, this morning’s brief photographic trip to the road and back was exceptional.

Now that the rain clouds are returning, I’m going to just ponder:  Did Paul Revere ride around at midnight telling everyone, "The Koreans are coming! The Koreans are coming!"?

Happy Tuesday.

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Karen Evans said...

Your photos are always beautiful; but this a.m. especially lovely. They made me want to take a deep breath of Idaho morning air!