Sunday, April 09, 2017

Kidz and Fun

Will Love, adviser, and Cedar Post editor Amanda Wikoff, with this year's staff award, announced yesterday afternoon in Seattle. 

My mind is focusing on family members today----their celebrations and their craziness. 

Yesterday, we learned that the Cedar Post from Sandpoint High School has once again been honored in the JEA national convention's Best of Show winners.  

This year's third place in their division joins hundreds of other similar honors the paper has received over many, many years. 

There's a little bit of the ZAGS-type spirit of reaching for the stars among present and past Cedar Posters.  They're also like an extended family, some serving on staff decades ago.   

A lot of these folks don't even know each other, but every year that members of this high school newspaper staff keep the long tradition of excellence in high school journalism at Sandpoint High School alive----Cedar Posters come together to rejoice.  

Several former editors have proudly posted Facebook congratulations to this year's staff and their adviser after their team distinction yesterday. 

This morning the staff members will learn how they did in individual competitions at the national convention. 

Congratulations, Cedar Post.  We are proud of you.

Speaking of journalism and distinguishing "fake" news and real news, you may not have read in any publications about the above event.  

Twas "fake," I'm guessing, but still pretty realistic.  I'm hoping they did not fall from their high rise in Seattle while seeking out a geocache.  

After all, dangerous situations are very much against the rules of geocaching, so I'm guessing they were pretending. 

Based on past observations of the two of them in action, I'm thinking that Annie Love and Debbie Love ought to embark on a mission to start their own fake adventure news outlet and, of course, "star" in all the stories which they are very capable of concocting. 

It's kinda dangerous when these two get together because the combined forces are capable of just about any prank. 

One thing that's definitely not fake news:  I get a kick out of their antics. 

Keep up the fun, Love ladies.  Just don't get in trouble!

Have a berry nice birthday, Jacob, Grace and Justine! 

Yup, these little darlings are 15 today, and I'm sure they're conjuring up their share of fun to celebrate their combined birthdays. 

Shortly after we moved out here to Selle and I had discovered some sumptuous patches of dewberries along a neighborhood roadside, I invited the triplets and their mother Laura to come and do some pickin' and grinnin'.  

We grinned a lot about all those berries.  A great memory, indeed.  

Over the years, the triplets have created or participated in their own share of good memories, and there'll be many more to come as they move on toward adulthood. 

Have a great day, you three.

Twould have been nice to celebrate another birthday today around the Lovestead, but sadly, NOT YET!

Happy Sunday to all.  

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