Thursday, April 20, 2017

Roadside Attractions

My friend Trish needed a photo for a publication, so she searched my blog and found one that might work, if it were back in its raw form. Once I found the photo in my collection, I realized it was in its raw form.

I had used a camera with an artistic setting, so what she saw was what she was going to get!  Later, I offered to go take some others of the same scene that might work.

She said she'd think about it.  I think she didn't want me to go to the trouble.  What Trish did not know was that I'll use just about any excuse to hop in the car and take photos. 

After all, it's what I do almost every day. 

So, at least yesterday, when I went on my afternoon photo search, I had a reason other than enjoyment. 

Pure enjoyment it was.  The spring day was lovely, even though clouds for our latest rainstorm were beginning to blot out the blue sky.

Still the temperature was pleasant, and the area around Hope, which gets a lot more sun than we do, had dried out.  

While taking the photos for Trish, along with others that might work for the blog, I stopped off at Holiday Shores convenience store and restaurant.  That's where I met Jordan, the friendly clerk and her friend, both with Clark Fork roots.

Jordan suggested that if I was out that way again to stop at the restaurant because they have just opened for the season, serving breakfast and lunches.

So, I'll suggest to readers to stop there too, where the staff is very friendly and upbeat. 

I also walked the lawn at the old Litehouse Restaurant (inspiration for Litehouse Dressings)----very carefully, as the geese seem to be primary residents there.  A lone goose walked along the edge of the lawn and then launched off as I stepped closer. 

Later, I visited with the owner of the Hope Market who was out pulling weeds from her flower display.  She said lots will be going on at the market this season, including music at noon on Sundays.  She also said to say hi to Trish.  

On my way back through our lovely Selle Valley, a roadside attraction of sheep and goats took my eye. The little ones and their moms were enjoying relaxing and grazing in that mid-afternoon spring warmth. 

Later, I succeeded in taking the after-dinner walk which had been cut short the night before with the thunder storm.

This time I made it quite a ways down North Kootenai Road, to where wooded areas skirt both sides of the road.  About halfway through that stretch, I heard something in the trees to my right and looked in time to see a moose about 50 feet away.

It turned away from me, heading on into the woods, but the resident dogs were barking. Figuring they may convince it to turn around and come back my way, I turned around and headed back home-----safely. 

Twas a great day for a camera buff and a great day for enjoying the outdoors.  Bill went fishing with his pontoon boat and enjoyed sitting back presenting those flies.  Fishing was slow, he said, except for the one good-sized cutthroat.

Today, once again, we've got to figure out rainy-day projects as we wait for the appliance doctor who will examine our dryer (hit and miss on heating) our refrigerator (lakes occasionally form from beneath) and maybe even our range where the burners work when they feel like it. 

I decided yesterday morning that it's time to address these situations, which all seem to have happened at once.  Who knows what will go down next?

Guess that's all.  Have a wonderful Thursday. 

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