Saturday, April 29, 2017

Saturday Short and Sweet

One hundred days down, 1,360 to go.  

We're still alive.  

So, I guess we should celebrate.  

Somehow, though, pondering the fact that we have survived all of 6 percent of the era of BIG SIGNATURE aka BS, is far from comforting. 

But the weather outside is cheery, after a morning rain shower complete with western rainbow, that is. 

Big day ahead for everyone who's been waiting and waiting and waiting for their outside time to amount to more than 6 percent of their day. 

We may even get a 94 percent chance of enjoying the great outdoors today.

So, this post is gonna be short and sweet.  

Many sweet aspects to the day lie ahead, including planting the beautiful raspberry starts that Maryann and Shiraz brought to the Lovestead yesterday afternoon.  


That project is first on my list today.  Plus, my sisters and I might take off for a short afternoon outing with our cameras. 

Lots of possibilities, so I'm not gonna waste time as we race through the day before the next rainstorm comes.  That's due this evening. 

Happy Saturday.  

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