Saturday, April 15, 2017

Saturday Slight

BREAKING NEWS, Straight from a Facebook friend:  I just watched a baby giraffe being born; now it's time for a cup of coffee.

Yup, April, the much photographed giraffe, has finally brought her baby into the world at her New York home. 

Therefore, Lily Love, I'm thinking it's high time for you to follow April's lead and get with the program. 

As you can see above, Lily seems to enjoy all the TLC and attention she's been receiving over the past three weeks----night and day. 

Still no baby.  

As soon as I finish my blog this morning, though, I'm gonna go out there to the round pen where Lily eats and eats and eats and tell her about April. 

Maybe she'll get the hint. 

Anymore, I'm not holding my breath, though.  Yesterday a photo appeared on Facebook of a little Appaloosa foal, born on the day Lily was due, April 2.  

It was posted by the owner of the stallion who told me later that the baby had been in the cooker for one year and five days. 

With Lily's baby being in the cooker for approximately three days short of a year, we could be waiting some more. 

So, we won't get too excited about this morning's April news.  At this point, I just hope that Lily foals in April.

The silver lining in all those clouds we've had over the past several weeks is that they're supposed to vamoose for a few days, and conditions for a new one to come into the world will improve significantly.  

So, we wait.

Today while waiting, I'm planning to make arrangements for my potted starts to go to the greenhouse.  That will involve a heater, and bright light to scare away the mice at night and several mousetraps to do away with the mice at night.

I put some test pots out a couple of weeks ago.  Within a couple of days, they were gobbled up down to the roots.  So, there will be an all-out assault on these pesky critters. 

No MOAB drops planned just yet, but I'm thinking that efficient mousetraps will make the greenhouse bigly SAFE for plant life to thrive. 

My other alternative is my diabetic cat.  Since Festus' diagnosis and subsequent treatment of two shots of insulin a day, he's kinda come back to life as a cat, and that means walking briskly all about the place, when before he was content to lie in one of the deck chairs all day long.

I have discovered Festus out walking in places far away from the house, so I know he's definitely feeling better.

Several times in the past few days, I have also discovered Festus' handiwork in his quarters. 

Nothing like mutilated moles to start your day off right.  One morning a huge one was lying face up right beneath the counter where I feed Festus and pull out a new syringe. 

This one had part of its neck missing, otherwise intact.  

Earlier, I had found numerous body parts on the rug next to his kitty litter boxes.  At first, I thought Festus must be having some major bowel issues and that he did not want to leave evidence in the box.

On closer inspection, though, I recognized anatomical parts encased in a lot of slimy black hair.  Yum. Yum. Must be that mouse hadn't exactly agreed with Festu's digestive tract. 

Anyway, the ol' boy is regaining his hunting skills and obviously mighty proud of it.  So, I told Bill this morning that maybe I needed to set up Festus' bed in the greenhouse and forget the mousetraps.  

Only problem is I'm not so sure I want to find body parts among the pansies and petunias. So, maybe the mousetraps will get the nod. 

Well, that's pretty much all the news on this Saturday start to Easter weekend.  Maybe it will stay dry today, and just maybe spring can come on in all its splendor with bright yellow daffodils, green grass and a new baby. 

Time and only Lily will tell. 

Happy Saturday. 

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Anonymous said...

Great big gobs of greasy, grimy gopher guts
Mutilated monkey meat, little birdies' dirty feet
And I forgot my spoon!