Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Spring before the Flurries

Yesterday afternoon, I posted a link on Facebook from the Seattle Times, noting the shattering of 122-year record for rainfall in that area. The record dates back to 1895, the year someone started keeping official weather records. 

The amount of rainfall for this record-breaking effort had been tallied since Oct. 1, 2016, a date which I remember very distinctly. 

The Love's were hosting a portion of our cousins' reunion that weekend, and as cousins from Washington, Idaho and Montana began to gather, so did the rain clouds.  

We had torrents that day, but, in fairness, I will say that the clouds gave us a break for our cruise that afternoon on Lake Pend Oreille. 

I was really looking forward to the whole month of October last fall because it's usually the month when gardening and lawn work is pretty much over, and there's more time to ride horses. 


That never happened.  It rained the whole month of October.  

Anyway, after feeling vindicated for my share of the rather universal griping about the weather we've endured since Oct. 1, 2016, I decided to check out the ten-day forecast.  

Surely, I thought, now that we've broken that "long-awaited" record, this wet spring is gonna dry up, the horses won't have slog around their mucky barnyard and maybe I can mow the lawn with my riding mower before having to call Harvey to use a swather instead. 

Well, it's looking like about May 4 we may see another set of those back-to-back dry days, and before that----1-3 inches of snow, scheduled for tomorrow/Thursday. 

So, the good news is maybe we're setting some new records with each new day.  The bad news is several more days of innovative thoughts on what to do, what to do when we can't do much of anything that we really need to do. 

I guess I'm looking forward to the snowfall because then I can take pictures of snow on my daffodils and snow on the green hay fields and snow on my lettuce in the garden boxes and maybe even foot prints in the snow.

Yesterday afternoon, after a rather miserable cold and wet morning, the sun did come out, and I was still able to take pictures of spring doing its best to be spring. 

So, enjoy. If I'm not back on the blog tomorrow, that means I went into hibernation until May 4.  

Happy Tuesday.  

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