Wednesday, May 17, 2017

More "Seens" and "Herds" in Selle

It was a fun-filled short walk.  Just after I stepped outside, two loud motorcycles were whizzing by so fast my camera caught only the rear end of one as the other zipped on down the road.

I was headed toward the road and a minute or so later had started a brief evening walk when I saw a jeep coming down Selle Road, soon turning on to South Center Valley Road.  

Turns out it was the motorcycle duo who gone home, switched rigs and were riding together this time. 

One had just come home from college for the summer while the other had just completed lineman school. We exchanged some fun banter until Grandpa to one of the occupants pulled up behind them in his pickup.  

"Keep an eye on them," my friend Gary said as the two young gentlemen headed north. During our visit, I had to give Gary a hard time for not showing up at last weekend's tractor parade.  He said he had gone to an Amish auction over in Montana. 

A brisk wind was whipping up, and the sky was getting darker with rain clouds, so I told Gary I needed to move along.

"We'll talk more," he said, in reference to our discussion about the upcoming Sundance Fire ceremony.  Earlier that summer of 1967, Gary had worked with the dozer operator who died in the Sundance blaze, but he had gone to Florida with a friend when the fire blew up.

Saying good bye to Gary, I walked a ways further, including part way down Selle Road, and then decided to head back before more rain started falling.

Earlier we had enjoyed a late afternoon respite from yet another otherwise miserable, wet day. My farrier John came by during the late morning drizzle and suggested that he shoe Lily and Lefty on a better day.  

I agreed. 

Then, it was off to Wrencoe and my friend Kari's to pick up my flower baskets for the front deck.  

Once they were hung, the sun started coming out.  So, I let the dogs out to play in the front yard and started stuffing my baby flowers grown from seed into several pots.  

This year's homegrown pansies are doing very well, even though they haven't started blooming. Meanwhile, there's yellow and brown on them thar marigold plants. 

Still wanting some more big, bright colors, I left Bill to play with the dogs and headed to the Flower Farm nursery to grab a few more annuals---asters, big, bright yellow marigolds and calendula. 

My geraniums are still waiting inside the greenhouse for the transition to their summer homes, as are tomatoes and cucumbers.  The latter will be waiting quite a while before leaving the greenhouse. 

Because of some of our summer plans, our garden this year will be limited to only fenced-in areas in hopes that the deer will leave us something to eat.  I've decided the manure-pile garden will wait for another year, since last year's fence did virtually no good. 

By the time I returned to the house, so did the rain, so I spent part of the evening listening to and watching Sen. Bernie Sanders and Gov. John Kasich discuss the present situation in Washington, D.C.

How refreshing to listen to two men who exhibit a sense of reason and deep caring for our country over political parties. 

They're issue-oriented, and, yes, they differ greatly on key issues, but I look upon both as true leaders because they share a sense of decency, respect and compassion for our country, its history and for all of its people.

Listening to their discussion last night brought back a glimmer of hope that things can and will get better----just like the weather in North Idaho.  

Happy Wednesday.  

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