Saturday, May 13, 2017

Sexy Tractors in Selle . . . .

This was once my dad's tractor.  Bill bought it from him several years ago.  It needsa new gas tank and a new back tire.  

Maybe if we ever get that project completed, Bill can join the parade.


 The Panhandle Antique Tractor Club is having a Tractor Drive through the neighborhood! 

The Parade starts at 10:00 at N.S. Church on Colburn Culver.

Route :

N. on Samuels
S. on Evergreen
W. on Colburn Culver
S. on N. Center Valley
Continued South on South Center Valley
E. on Selle
S. on W. Shingle Mill
N. on E. Shingle Mill
E. on Jacobson
N. on Hickey
N. on Selle
N. on Selkirk
 E. on Colburn Culver & back to staging area at Church.

In other news, call me an uninformed voter.  I wanted to cast my vote for a potential School Board member early yesterday, so I drove down to the Federal Building.  In addition to School Board, library and hospital board members are up for election. 

The first "oops" moment came when I showed my driver's license to the clerk.  She noted that it had expired.  

Now, I must say that standing behind a counter at the county administration building when hearing such an announcement pales in comparison to the potential of being stopped by a cop or going through airport security.

So, I remained relatively calm as she handed my wallet back, knowing I had renewed my license last year.  The question:  where was that license?

Luck was with me as I fingered through the window, pulled out the expired license and found the new one hiding underneath.  

The clerk wondered why the drivers' license folks had not taken my old license last year.  So did I.

The old license has been removed, lest such a moment happen again in a much more high-stress environment.

After she inspected my license, the clerk went to the computer to find out the school board position where I would cast my vote. 

"You don't vote for School Board," she quickly announced.  "It's the other part of Selle."  So, yes, uninformed I was but still I could vote for the other two races.  So, after instructions, I walked to the booth and filled in several black squares. 

At least the trip to town was not in vain, especially because I could vote for Joan Terrell, a wonderful neighbor who walks past our house almost every morning.  She serves on the library board and is running for re-election.  

In spite of being uninformed, I did my civic duty and, while doing so, was quite impressed with the efficiency and professionalism at the voting headquarters.  Good job, Bridgitte!

As I walked to my car, I could not keep my eyes off from the beautiful array of tulips in the administration building garden, which includes plots dedicated to past county employees. 

Except for those beginning to wilt, these varieties certainly make my four blooms from this year look rather meager.  Those are mine in the bottom photo. 

We are seeing a rather pleasant, albeit cool, start to this Saturday, and I'm anxious to get my morning chores out of the way and head down to the staging area for today's tractor parade.  

I'll snap a few photos and then hurry back to the Lovestead and wave as the sexy tractors and their sexy drivers move past the place.  

Should be a great event out here and a wonderful and nostalgic reminder of the good ol' days when the area had a lot more farmland that needed to be tilled. 

Happy Saturday. 

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