Friday, May 05, 2017

The FOURTH in the Neighborhood

Well, we had July yesterday.  Again, North Idaho escapes another opportunity to be accused of moderation.  As usual, yesterday we experienced nothing in between to get us accustomed to suddenly shedding four-five layers in favor of one. 

Still, I think we were happy to deal with the abrupt weather change, by happily tending to outdoor projects and definitely getting out and about.

My day included green-bean planting, fence painting, playing with dogs, hauling off more sod from garden edges, transplanting some of my own raspberry starts, having lunch with Becky and Bonnie and visiting with a whole lot of other fun folks at the Pack River General Store.  

After that, it was off to Co-Op for some Round-up and a new section of hose.  

Don't let me get started on hoses.  I've ranted at length about them before.  Nowadays, it's suddenly hard to find those new-fangled coil-up hoses which used to dominate the infomercials.  It's also hard to pay less than 20 bucks for just about any hose. 

After surveying the display, I found one of the cheaper hoses, designated for "light garden use."  

Without really knowing the difference between "light" gardening and "heavy" gardening, I pretty much figured that the one I chose will work for any of my gardens.  

As long as water runs completely through it, and the darn thing doesn't kink every second or get caught up on stuff along its path, this new model is welcome to stay here for the summer. 

I still want to find another coil-up hose for my deck watering.  Rather than tripping over the standard variety, I really like having a deck hose coil right back up and wiggle its way back down through the hole leading to where someone thought a faucet ought to be located next to the house.  

I'm guessing this decision was made long before the first deckville at the Lovestead. 

So, if anyone knows where to find those hoses-----even if they don't last forever---I'm willing to spring for one. They definitely make life in the summer a whole lot easier. 

My July day in May also included a trip to Bizarre Bazaar to purchase supplies for tomorrow. I'll save the details for tomorrow's posting. 

Anywho, there was a bit of perspiration to be had during the late afternoon and evening. Even the horse stalls in the barn were hot and the horses were sweating. 

Of course, it's usually by this date that horses are no longer confined to their stalls at night.  I always dig up the dirt/mud holding the side doors shut, then slide them open so Lily and Lefty can come in and out at will.  It's especially nice because the bugs really drive Lefty crazy, and, at least, in the barn he can escape their constant attacks. 

Today marked the last of the morning stall cleanings (horses are generally nice enough to do their business outside).  And, now that I have hoses, I'll probably be dragging them around in the morning, watering rather than mucking out stalls. 

BUT WAIT!  My window is open, and it's pouring rain outside. I guess we won't be deal with another July day for a while.  

Finally, one of the best parts of last night's "May the Fourth Be With You" evening could be seen along our roadsides and at my sisters' place.  

I don't know the story behind the farmer gnome impaled on the side of their cottage, but I"m sure it's a good one. For some strange reason, I have a feeling a brother may know. 

And, those two doggies are grandpuppies---Joe and Brooke.  Willie told me last night that Todd gets extra privileges and gets to run loose while the others (sometimes guilty culprits) have to stay in the run when nobody is outside to watch them. 

Bill is about to head out this morning for Bonners Ferry where he'll be helping out the Clark Fork students and staff with their fishing day.  I think Bill is excited, to say the least.

Guess that's all on this day after the Fourth and July. 

Happy Friday.  

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