Thursday, May 11, 2017

Tractor Parade and Such

Selle Valley, mark your Calendars ! Next Saturday, May 13th, the Panhandle Antique Tractor Club is having a Tractor Drive through the neighborhood! 

The Parade starts at 10:00 at N.S. Church on Colburn Culver.

Route :

N. on Samuels
S. on Evergreen
W. on Colburn Culver
S. on N. Center Valley
Continued South on South Center Valley
E. on Selle
S. on W. Shingle Mill
N. on E. Shingle Mill
E. on Jacobson
N. on Hickey
N. on Selle
N. on Selkirk
E. on Colburn Culver & back to staging area at Church.

Thanks, Pam Finley, for posting this information on your Facebook wall. And, as Pam says, pass the word about this nostalgic and colorful event.  What better place to have a parade than through our beautiful Selle Valley.

Don't know how the weather is gonna act, but I think the tractor folks will do much better parading down country roads in the rain than plowing mud in the rain.  

In fact, I doubt there's a field around this area, even without rain, capable of holding up the weight of an antique tractor, let alone those moving mini apartments we see going up and down the roads. 

It's still pretty dang wet out this way, and the predicted rain will not be helpful.  

The roads, however, might finally be past their spring break-up state, so, we look forward to watching the tractor parade roll past our place on Saturday. 

As for Selle Valley, it was pretty, pretty, pretty last night as usual. The elk, geese, turkey and deer were out and about, and horses were grazing in their pastures.  I even passed by one field which was growing a healthy blend of grass and geese. 

Happily, the sun was also out and doing a nice job casting some lovely light on some of the subjects. 

Which brings to mind that I have to talk about one of the photos below and explain that it has NO special effects. It's as natural as it can be.  It's a prime example that often photography success only happens because we happen to be in the right place at the right moment. 

I'm speaking of picture no. 3 below.  While walking out the sliding glass door last evening, I noticed that the oak leaves have popped out.  Thinking baby oak leaves might make a fun photo, I walked over to the tree.

On my way, I noticed a tiny puff cloud in the sky, and soon, I noticed that if I could get at the right angle and position, that puff cloud would make a really neat enhancement to some baby oak leaves. 

And, it sure did.  Later, when I walked to the one blooming tulip over by the barn, I also noticed that some freshly popped leaves from the almost-blooming lilac bush were blocking my view to the tulip.  And, by golly, another fun photo emerged. 

Speaking of tulips, I was telling my friend Ann the other day----and now I can say it publicly, the deer have allowed what few tulips I have left to bloom this year.  Seeing the yellow leader of the pack of four, I didn't want to speak too loud, lest the deer would hear me and race over to gobble up the three red tulips, WHICH HAVE BLOOMED TODAY. 

So, deer, you can continue to stay away, but if you do come and eat those tulips in the night, at least I got to see them this year!

Bill has headed off already for today's annual Idaho State Forestry Contest in Careywood. I think the event is well on its way to 40 years, and Bill has played an integral role every one of those years.  

This year, I've chosen to stay home since my sister has all the chaperones she needs for her class to attend the event.  Instead, I'm planning to take Liam out to Randy Curless's
so he can have a sheep-herding experience.  

It would be really neat to completely immerse him in the herding world, but the money and time necessary doesn't quite fit our schedule here at the Lovestead.  So, every once in a while, we'll just head out that way so he can get his fix. 

Should be a fun experience.  

Happy Thursday.  Tell everyone about the tractor parade on Saturday!


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