Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Day of New and Old

Leading up to this trip, we, as a family, have seen more parts of Ireland than many Irish. We learned that phenomenon the last trip when Bill made his first-ever visit here.

"I would tell people where all we've gone, and many would say they'd never seen some of those places," Bill recalled yesterday while we were driving back from a lighthouse situated on the Southwesternmost point of Ireland.

While we were taking in the sights, a couple of gentlemen who had their friend Finnegan with them told me this was their first visit to the sight, and they live in Cork, just a couple of hours away. 

So, for us, yesterday's trip meant some new territory and I'm guessing it was the same for a lot of Irish visitors.  I'm guessing that this is the well known phenomenon that locals anywhere in the world often don't see the attractions cuz if they want to see them, they can pretty much go any time. 

On the other hand, isitors have heard of the attractions and take the time to mark them off the trip bucket list. 

We did a lot of up and down walking once we arrived at Mizen Head, which includes stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and the lighthouse facilty, along with a gift shop/museum. 

And, for my friend and neighbor Jack Filipowski from down the road, all the more reason to come to Ireland---the herd of Hereford cattle right next to Mizen Head is pretty impressive.

Besides Finnegan, we met another Border Collie named Fido during our visit.  Not really the Irish touch for a moniker, but his owner is Fiona.  Fiona told me that Fido was rescued as a pup, after not having the greatest start in the world.  Fido seems to do just fine with his three legs.  

The drive to Mizen Head matches pretty much everything else we've seen in Ireland, downright beautiful with a tidy rural touch.  One doesn't see many junk piles in Ireland.

Upon our return to the Kenmare Lovestead, Bill grabbed his fishing gear, which included two fly rods--one for him and one for Annie.  They had purchased one-day licenses to fish at a lake in Killarney National Park not far from where we watched the herding demonstration on Monday.

There were no Border Collies, but there were sheep and cows.  We believe that both the cows and the sheep are props, always there for the "turists" to stop and take pictures. The cows up on the hillside kept a steady eye on us for the two hours we were there.

And, those sheep along the roadside?  They eventually got used to me as I walked up and down the road while Annie and Bill fished.  By the way, they weren't skunked: each caught a 3-inch lunker. Plus, they totally enjoyed a few hours of taking part in their passion in beautiful Ireland.

Meanwhile, I loved the opportunity to do my own thing while Bill and Annie fished.  My own thing involves a lot of walking with my camera and looking for interesting scenes.  I felt like the two hours of walking down that roadside gave me a firm grip on feeling totally at home here. 

Twas another good day, topped off by a meal at Foley's Restaurant and Pub in downtown Kenmare. 

Today we go to Skellig Michael where we'll take an eco-tour on a boat.  Bill and Annie were on a waiting list to actually visit the island off the Irish coast which was home to monks in the seventh century and a scene in Star Wars just this past year.  

The movie has brought intensified interest in the ancient monastery, so their odds of getting to be among the few people who visit this world historical site were pretty slim. So we'll all enjoy (we think) the ecotour, if the ocean isn't too choppy. 

I do have my braceled (Judy Pederson) and will try it out on this experience. No matter the outcome, I'm sure there will be a story AND of course, pictures.

Happy Wednesday. 



Lots of crust and a small sample of apples. Don't know if the box of six will get eaten.
Border Collie in Bramley.

Town square in Bramley

When you're not fishing and the sheep get bored with your presence, selfie sessions can keep you occupied.

Meet "Border Collie Bill," sending those sheep on down the road.

Sure winner, playing the Border Collie card.


Helen said...

I would guess the majority of New York City residents have never been out to the Statue of Liberty. At least that was my impression when I visited NYC. Probably the same worldwide as you suggest.

Anonymous said...

Loving your photos and travelogue Ireland is amazing. Driving I never got used to!