Friday, June 23, 2017

Beauty, Baseball and Gratitude

I can't seem to get enough of the lovely array of pansy blooms around the place this year. They have thrived in the relatively cool weather,  pretty much all around the house, dozens of them have been putting out some striking displays of color and happy faces. 

Meanwhile, in one of my floral pots, there's a flower growing which has me baffled.  

I'm sure I must have planted it, but I have no idea what it is.  So, if someone could let me know the name of the flower pictured below, I'd appreciate it.  

The mystery is, "why only one?"  Hope it's not a weed.  If so, it's a pretty weed.

Of course, daisies are known to be weeds, but the setting they provided for the lone deer standing in Del Bader's field last night was mighty pretty. 

We're headed to Seattle today. Tonight we will join Annie, watch a Mariners game and cheer on the return of King Felix.  He's the one in the bobblehead photo below.  

Annie purchased tickets for tonight's game as an anniversary/fathers' day gift.  Thank you, Annie. 

For those who don't follow the Mariners, Felix Hernandez has established quite an impressive reputation as a Major League Baseball pitcher, and at Seattle home games whenever he pitches, there's a special section in the stands called the "King's Court."  Fans wear  T-shirts and cheer him on. 

Felix has been recovering from an injury for several weeks, so his appearance tonight is bound to be something special.  

Let's hope he has bounced back and regained his magic for another Mariners' win.  

Should be quite a game. 

This morning I am sending out special thanks for the lovely card and for the amazing horse sculpture, which you'll see pictured below. 

Helen, you are the best, and you can be assured that I'll treasure the card.  Margaret, I was speechless when I opened the package and saw the magnificent and unique sculpture. It will definitely hang in a place of honor in our living room. 

Thank you both very, very much. 

As I bid farewell to the 60s and look forward to a chronological milestone ahead,  I can say that it is definitely a beautiful life, filled with the blessings of family, friends, pets and the infinite glories of this world.  

Because of these blessings, I am forever grateful. 

Happy Friday.  

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Word Tosser said...

it looks like one that popped up next to my garden last year.. and I asked for help to figure it out.. it started out kind of medium and then grew.. anyway what they told me what it was.. an Idaho orchid... never had one before.. and don't have one this year.. I even spread the seeds from it next to my fence.. but got nada...