Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Fun Stuff, Fun Folks, Fun Lives Ahead

Barbara Tibbs, John Nitcy and Debb Nusbaum

These three longtime educators were honored yesterday at a retirement party, and let's just say they appeared rather happy as they look toward their "lives after high school," Sandpoint High that is!

Yup, sister Barbara, former colleague John Nitcy and colleague to both sisters, Debb Nusbaum have called it a career after teaching English, business classes and serving as counselor, respectively. 

Debb worked with both of my sisters at Farmin Stidwell and the high school.  I remember when Johnny Nitcy joined our staff back in the early 1980s. 

John remembered his first classroom which still had TYPEWRITERS.  I also remember being fascinated a few years later when he showed me how he had set up his room of those "new-fangled" computers and had his students writing emails to each other. 

I was amazed at the time.  Lots of water under the bridge since then, and now John is going to be looking for the waters under the bridge with his fly rod.  He also is very happy to have a signed photo of his educational "heroine???" Charlotte Danielson.

John started the honor flight program at Sandpoint High School, and before he gets too much fishing done in his new life, he's headed to Normandy next month to visit the hallowed sites associated with World War II.

Debb seems equally happy to begin a new chapter in her life.  I haven't had too many chances to get to know her well, but I know from my sisters that she has been a fine counselor.  Good luck to you, Debb.  See you at the Ice House!

And, Barbara----she finally has that wooden windmill which she has been admiring for some time at North 40.  Seems she's been letting sister Laurie know how much she likes it pretty much every time they've walked into the store. 

Heck, she even showed it to Willie and Debbie, and that set things in motion for her retirement gift. 

Yesterday's party was especially fun and a bit stunning for me.  Twas fun because of the opportunity to visit with friends from my teaching days, including another visit with former student Jim Imholte.  Since a portion of the SHS faculty graduated with Jim (including principal Tom Albertson), it seemed perfectly normal for him to join the fun. 

The party was stunning in my eyes because some of those SHS staff members look like they are still high school students. 

My sister Laurie and I walked into Laughing Dog together before the party began.  She had just come from a day of packing up her classroom (with help from longtime friend and former colleague Pauline Delamarter). 

It was harder than I thought, Laurie said, referring to walking out for the last time. Although she's excited about what's to come, she experienced that moment of leaving so many good memories and beloved co-workers behind.  

The end was definitely bittersweet for Laurie, as I'm sure it has been for all the other retirees who came to the realization that life after school will never be quite the same. 

Hats off to my sisters and all the wonderful educators who will move on to take more time smelling the roses.  You deserve it!

Happy Tuesday. 

A Bulldog fishing vest for John's upcoming excursions. 

Debb will have plenty of opportunities to try her new outdoor blanket. 

No more school bells; now the ambiance of wind chimes. 

SHS Class of 1995 grad and current art teacher Ezra Stafford gives a thumbs up to the retirees. 

Here comes Barbara's wooden windmill. 

Debb Nusbaum

John Nitcy

Bill and Jim enjoy a brew and some visiting.  SHS grad, Fred Colby, also from the class of 1982, founded Laughing Dog Brewery. 

SHS principal Tom Albertson and his classmate Jim Imholte.

A Few Good Men, still in the teaching ranks as Sandpoint High:  Jim Barton, Tyler Haines and Derek Dickinson. 

Almost there.  Patsy Olin, a classmate and colleague of Laurie's at Farmin-Stidwell,  will enjoy the feeling of retirement soon. 

John shows off an "autographed" photo of Charlotte, his "shining inspiration."  

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