Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday Monday

Last day of spring.  First day of the work week.  It may not be 8-5 on the job around these digs; actually more like 6-8 and seven days a week, but still, there's just something about a Monday signaling a start of some sort.

On Mondays we receive only one paper, the Spokesman, so paper reading goes pretty fast. On Mondays, there's a possibility that my multi-retired husband may be going to work. I think he is doing just that this morning, at least for a few hours.

I know that for a fact only because of all the time I spent at the phone store last week. During all those multiple visits, I met Clem, who's a member of the Master Naturalists. Clem told me shortly after we got acquainted and I mentioned my husband Bill Love that he would be seeing Bill today.

So, I asked Bill about Clem's phone-store claim. Sure enough, the two will be getting together for something dealing with Bill's affiliation with Trout Unlimited.  When Bill says yes to volunteer work, it's like everything else he does-----total immersion. 

He'll be heading off fairly soon but will be coming back at noon.  We have some fun folks gathering here this afternoon to talk about involvement in some important issues like public education, health care and public lands.  For some reason, those topics interest me greatly AND, of course, Bill. 

On this Monday I'm also getting pretty aware of a significant countdown---my last few days of being a young'un in her 60s.  There's lots to think about each ten years when you are looking toward those milestone birthdays.

As I look back, some have been good, some not so good.  I spent the last one praying and walking and hoping, all in vain.  The second of two horses, lost in one month did not make it that day due to a twisted intestine.  Twas an unbelievably sad, sad day. 

So, as I look forward to this next milestone, I'll be hoping again---this time hoping that there's no sadness associated with being THAT much older.  

Guess I'll have to find some ways to dull the shock. Hmmm.  What's to do?  What's to do?  

Bill tells me this morning that Felix Hernandez is set to pitch for the Mariners Friday night.  Maybe we could go to Seattle and watch THE RETURN OF THE KING!  

Time will tell, I guess. 

Anyway, it's a pretty Monday out there, both here at home and over at my sisters' where I happened to be earlier this morning.  So, of course, the camera is doing its 6-8 gig, along with me. 

Enjoy the photos.  Happy Monday. 

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Anonymous said...

70's - the new 50's.... 20 years to do over!