Saturday, June 17, 2017

Of Juncos and Yard Art

The juncos were having an enthusiastic gabfest in the north lawn yesterday.  Twas a "tick, tick" here and "tick-tick" there.  Here a "tick," there a "tick," everywhere a "tick, tick." 

All that conversation took place as several of the little birds flitted from trees along our north border to branches on our big apple tree. 

I don't know if they were sending out warning sounds to me that I'd better just keep on walking or if they had simply come out to enjoy themselves after a drenching rain.

Anyway, I took note of their emphatic presence and took a few photos as I listened to the ongoing tick tick chatter, which I did not understand.  Twas junco to me. 

Probably the noisiest birds we have around the Lovestead are those crows.  At least half a dozen have taken up residence in the yard while probably dozens live out in the woods where, at times, there seems to be some pretty intensive discord among the troops. 

Crows just plain fascinate me with all their many voices, especially those that sound exactly like people talking.  Just when I assume unexpected human visitors must be hanging out at our place, I realize it's just the crows. 

On this sunny morning, there's plenty of crow chatter going on outside my window. It's looking like a great few days ahead after a rather cool ending to the week, topped off by thunder, lightning and rain off and on throughout yesterday.  

So, we're ready for sun, and Tom Sherry, the KREM weatherman, says this next week will be perfect for the Washington kids' first week out of school.  The rest of us will enjoy it too. 

It's a time for admiring the ever-increasing and beautiful blooms popping out all over, especially among the rosebushes and peonies.  This seems to have been a banner year for the buttercups, and I'm loving their presence. 

Our apple crop is looking good, and I can't believe that I'm still picking asparagus. Our crop, which at one time yield about a dozen spears has provided us and several friends more than enough abundant samples. 

And, so life is looking good, and we'll be enjoying a fairly relaxing weekend.  I'm pretty sure Bill will be practicing his fishing with no tinge of guilt----after all, it's Father's Day weekend and the father in this family loves to fish.  Wish granted. 

That's all for now. Happy Saturday.  Do go smell the roses!  They're certainly out and about. 


Shelley Brooks said...

Thank you Marianne. So enjoyed your blog this morning. Two of my favorite things, song birds and flowers. Blessings on this wonderful day.

Marianne Love said...

And, the same to you, Shelley.