Sunday, June 11, 2017

Selle Summer Scenes

Twas an "on the run" day yesterday, but, as usual, I took some time from all the "to do's" to appreciate the color and summer activity here at the Lovestead and in nearby rural neighborhoods.

As usual, day-to-day changes, which include the sudden disappearance of some lovely floral scenes only to be replaced by equally sudden appearance of others, kept my eyes peeled for fresh images to capture as I drove through Hidden Valley and along Woodside Road.

Within the past day or so, lilac blooms have either completely disappeared or turned brown.  Lupine is still in full display while the summer daisies (weeds, just like buttercups) are beginning to take over in wooded areas and pastures. 

Soon, the lovely pastels of spring will have given way to bright colors of annuals and the usual array of wildflowers and natural shrubbery throughout the countryside.  

Bill says it looks like a great bear grass summer.  After spending some planning time Friday in Upper Pack River with the Sundance Fire 50th-Year Commemoration committee, he suggested that my sisters and I get up there with our cameras. 

So, we'll have to do that one of these days, if we ever find the time.  The next month or so is gonna be especially busy for all of us, so the bear-grass photographic mission may have to wait until July. Fortunately, it hangs around most of the summer. 

Bill went fishing in Washington yesterday.  Twas free fishing day for the state. Meanwhile, Willie drove to Boise where Debbie has been spending time with her grandmother. Today, he will move on to Missoula for a girls' basketball camp a the University of Montana.  

When he returns Wednesday, another camp in Sandpoint awaits him. So, he hasn't exactly had a chance to take a breath since Friday's last day of school. 

My sisters are getting ready for a regional horse show, so they were on the road yesterday, tending to travel trailer needs and working with Barbara's horse Dusty at a Spokane horse facility. 

Oh, and there's another retirement party---this time for Barbara and some of her colleagues----tomorrow afternoon. 

Actually, grabbing a breath and sitting back and relaxing will be fleeting opportunities at best, as we all hit the ground running virtually every day in this busy month of June. Fortunately, the flowers and all that pretty scenery will be there for us to enjoy whenever we can take a break. 

Happy Sunday. 


I visited briefly with Walker on Woodside Road last night. He had  spent the day at the county 4-H trail ride and had just been to his Grandpa Leonard's place to check on his 4-H fat steer.  

Lots of fun activity as summer birds flit from post to post or sit along fence wire along Woodside Road. 

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