Wow. Wow wow wow. I'm not easily "wow'd." But tonight, tonight I was wow'd. In fact, I was beyond wow'd. As I sat in my seat at the Panida, I was humbled. Humbled beyond my grasp, humbled beyond any influence I could hope to have in this dear town of mine. 

    This is exciting. 

    This is humbling. 

    Seeing close to 300 people gather tonight to "Reclaim Idaho." To reclaim it for the middle class by supporting education, funding healthcare and giving access to public lands. 

    To RECLAIM IDAHO. I'm humbled. I'm excited. I am THANKFUL. I am thankful to Luke and Garrett. You had a hope. And a mission, and you did it. You DID IT. And you're DOING IT. 

    Thank you. THANK YOU. ❤️    

                                               ---Megan Johnson, a Reclaim Idaho volunteer