Sunday, July 09, 2017

Grandeur and Grand Time at Roman Nose Lake

It can be a long and dusty drive.  Once there, a variety of bugs with nasty stingers on their heads and lead weights on their feet can zap ya like no others.  So take along the spray. 

That aside, Roman Nose Lake in the Selkirk Mountains is definitely one of the most precious of gems among our many summer time "need to see's" in North Idaho.  

The lake, with its stunning alpine surroundings of rock faces, high country evergreens and a bumper crop of bear grass, is as pristine as pristine could ever get. 

Plus, it's a popular destination for hikers, anglers, sightseers, 4-wheeler riders, etc. on a beautiful summer day, in spite of the long drive. 

We took that drive yesterday in two cars with two sets of Love couples and three Seattle visitors, Andrew, Alicia and Emma. 

The Love couples (old and young) had visited the spot a few times before, but it was a first for the Seattle folks.  I think they approved.

I'm positive 4-year-old Miss Emma approved.  

Heck, with snow on a hot summer day and a nice plank walkway around the lake, offering a young gal a sense of independence, and with a dad who would help you play in the snow and take you for a hike up the mountain---it doesn't get any better.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crowd had their share of fun, visiting with strangers and longtime friends and simply gazing at and loving the beauty. 

One lady from Bonners Ferry said it all about Roman Nose Lake:  I like to come here once or twice a year just to appreciate what we have.

Yup, point well taken.  Roman Nose Lake is, indeed, a must see, and what's really nice is that the folks who go there tend to be good stewards of this spectacular gift of North Idaho beauty.

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Linda Byars said...

Thanks Marianne, I've never gone there. It looks so beautiful! And right in our own backyard. Looking forward to going.