Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Last Leg to the Lovestead

Bill just pulled open the curtains here at the Sea-Tac Red Roof Inn. Lookin' like we'll be enjoying "the bluest skies you''ll ever see here in Seattle" for a short time this morning.  

Then, we'll head up up and away into those blue skies via Alaska Airlaines as we take our final flight toward Sandpoint and the blue skies of the Selle Valley.

We were pretty dead tired last night after boarding our flight in Dublin at approximately 3 a.m. PDT and finally arriving here at 9 p.m. Twas a long day, but we enjoyed some time getting well acquainted with the Philadelphia airport. 

Sadly, we missed the fun that goes with the Fourth of July Celebration, except for the mini American flags they gave us as we checked in at Dublin.  

The photo above was my last picture taken while Bill and Annie topped off the car at a gas station not to far from our hotel.  One of the beautiful features of Dublin is the Grand Canal, and on our trips to Ireland we've gotten to know it well with walks to and from the hotels where we have stayed. 

So, considering it was the first feature I ever saw in Ireland on the first trip, it seemed like an appropriate way to say good bye on this journey. 

It will be great to get home and see our beloveds, and once again, we extend great thanks to Elisabeth and family members who saw that the Lovestead and its inhabitants were putzing along as well as can be expected.  

So nice when we have someone so trustworthy, so conscientious and so willing to go the extra mile to ensure that we have no worries when we go away.  Thanks ever so much.

Also, thank you, Annie, for all you did to organize such a memorable experience.  It meant a lot and certainly made my 70th birthday as a very special and lovely day.

And, to all, who have followed this special journey on the blog, I hope you have enjoyed sharing it with us.  Also thanks to all we met along the way for your warmth and friendliness, which is so much a staple among the Irish. 

One more time I can say with great conviction beautiful, beautiful Ireland is a magical place. 

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Patrick West said...

Welcome back to God's country!