Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Did I Really Hear Pitter Patter?

If ya think something you did not expect is happening, check on Facebook.  You may be right.  

I did see lightning.  I did hear thunder, and thought for sure the decorative rocks outside our sliding glass door looked a little wet in the darkness of the early dawn. 

Later, Facebook validated my assumptions.

One Facebook friend called it a gully wash while another rejoiced.  Both live in our neck of the woods. 

So, yes, we received some moisture, albeit very brief, but anything will help soften the crackle we sense with virtually every step we take outside. 

Upon further inspection, I do see that the vehicles had just enough rain to create a series of not so pretty patterns where the drops landed and then slid in various directions through the coat of dust.  

There's also a tinge of fall in this morning's air, but that won't last long cuz we've been promised a whole week of hot weather. 

In other news, I've finished up a series of judging assignments for the year:  poetry, interviews and some photography.  

Yesterday's photography judging went very smoothly, thanks to the superintendent Selma Bair who had everything so well organized that all we judges had to do was look at each group of photos and make our decisions.

So, we finished up in about four hours.  An added benefit was sitting with a professional photographer and listening to his critiques.  I picked up several tips and reminders of the potential for what we can do with our cameras.

I tend to be lazy, taking the automatic route with most of my photos, but I've learned that there's potential for much improvement if only I'd go back to manual settings. So, I'll give it a try. 

This morning the only pressing "to do" on my community-oriented plate is to keep working on a story for the winter edition of Sandpoint Magazine.  With luck, I'll have it wrapped up by week's end. 

In the meantime, life should be a bit more laid back in comparison to the past several months of go, go, go.  

It will be nice to have a relatively open-ended schedule, and maybe even when the temps cool down, do some horseback and bike riding. Bill and I might even load up the dogs and take the travel trailer for a spin. 

In the meantime, the garden keeps producing, and the fruit tree near the barnyard is loaded with hundreds of plums, either ripe or almost deep purple.  Those pictured below usually turn bright red a week or so later than the barnyard tree. 

I sense some jelly making sessions in the near future.  Nothing better than that plum jelly. 

Life is good.  It's good, fresh food season. The fair is on. The critters are roaming in the fields. It's a fun time of year. 

I coined this the "Love Sun," as it dipped into the heart in the Selkirks last evening.  Have a "LOVE"ly day!

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