Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday Slight

"Can't have it, Marianne.  You already have too many dogs."  That's pretty much what my friend Jean told me when she saw me immediately gravitate toward Rowdy the instant I laid eyes on him.

Jean thought I had four dogs, so maybe once she knew I had only three, she may have thought it was all right for me to snatch adorable Rowdy right from his human mommy's grasp.

I really had not plans to add another dog to the herd, but, as usual, any time I see a Border Collie I went a little nuts.  And, whenever the dog is little and young and so cute like Rowdy, I really can't help myself. 

Rowdy, I'm told by his owner, is part Border Collie and part Aussie and about 100-percent as cute as a pup can be. 

I just took a few photos, then tore myself away and went back to visiting with Jean and her friend Kim.  We were at the county fair where I had come to take a few photos of Jean and of another friend who will be featured in an upcoming article. 

Although I did not spend much time at the fair yesterday, the visiting and the gawking were still good---especially the two camels waiting at the horse trailer for someone to plunk down $8 and go for a ride in a small circular pen.

I thought about taking my first camel ride, but it was too hot for this non-desert dweller. Besides, as a walked by, I could hear the pitch for a ride from a youngster who had just spotted the camels.

I think at least one of the camels could be the same one we encountered a few years ago after returning from a trail ride through Farragut.  Fortunately, our horses never caught the scent of this creature unknown to them, and we were able to dismount safely. 

Today is the last hot day.  At least, they're promising us that, now that we've broken a record for hot days.  

In anticipation, I've purchased a few buckets of paint and am looking forward to doing projects around the place beyond the morning hours, starting tomorrow.  

We'll still have to tough out this afternoon's 90-plus heat, but from then on, I think we may get to actually enjoy some summer days----all day long.

Still no real sign of any appreciable moisture, so grass will continue to dry up, but at least, the air will be comfortable enough to do a few fun things, like ride a horse or take Liam to some agility training which I heard about yesterday.  

All in all, I'm looking forward to the cooler days ahead which will also include picking a lot of plums and preserving another year's worth of that lovely plum jelly.  

The beat and the heat go on, but tomorrow we'll be down to the beat. And, that is good.

Happy Saturday. 

Looks like out in the wild, but it's the waterfall at the Bonner County Fair. 

Still smoky air.  Still, brillant suns.

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Ann said...

Your pictures are absolutely marvelous as usual! I'm quite sure the moose feature on Monday is MY moose. He loves my neighbor's pond and made a meal out of my apples.