Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sun Shows and More

Just so there's no confusion:  the sun is rising in the top photo and setting in the one just below.  It's was rising over Taylor's field when I went for an early morning walk an hour or so ago.   

It was setting over Eva Whitehead's field when I was driving around in my air-conditioned Subaru last night. 

Seems all eyes are focused on those brilliant sun shows these days.  Must be the smoke is hanging in the air to give us time and practice to get ready for the eclipse Aug. 21. 

Does anyone have any eclipse glasses?  Hate to purchase them, considering our eclipse isn't gonna be as cool as some folk's eclipse----those that are or have been paying umpteen amounts of money to be in the best spots across the United States when the big event occurs. 

Since the next one won't happen for 35 years or so, I probably won't be needing my eclipse glasses.  So maybe instead of watching the eclipse that day----if we aren't blown off the map, thanks to those two pugnacious punks who keep taunting each other---maybe I'll just stay inside and watch BREAKING NEWS.  

I'll bet there might even be a streaming banner across the bottom of BREAKING NEWS letting me know that the eclipse is happening. 

I did look up some information and learned an impressive factoid about real estate which will be coveted for about two minutes on Aug. 21:  First contact is in Oregon. If you want to be the first person to experience totality in the continental U.S., be on the waterfront at Government Point, Oregon, at 10:15:56.5 a.m. PDT. There, the total phase lasts 1 minute, 58.5 seconds.

Having learned this, I'm wondering if there will be a Hunger Wars type scenario in this spot where those who want the distinction of being the first to see the eclipse will either kill or be killed.   If so, that may show up on BREAKING NEWS.  

So, I won't want to miss that. 

In all seriousness, I think it's really neat that this phenomenon of nature is causing so much excitement, and I'm sure that I might be able to tear myself away from BREAKING NEWS to participate.

Speaking of SHATTERED NEWS, I learned yesterday (so it's not "breaking") that Dave Oliveria aka the BLOGFATHER is hanging it up next week. 

As I told Dave, I'm happy for him but sad for all the readers who have enjoyed and reaped the benefits of the Spokesman-Review's "Huckleberries Online" for the past several years. 

I would not be typing this information in this spot if it were not for the inspiration and support provided by Dave over the years.  It was Huckleberries that inspired me to start this blog and Huckleberries which has continued over the years to give it extra exposure.

Dave, I appreciate you more than you'll ever know, but I also know----from experience---just how much fun retirement can be.  

HECK, when you're all retired, you can do a blog!

So, good luck to you and thanks.  

Same goes to my friend Trish who announced a week or so ago that she would be retiring from The River Journal, another entity which has allowed me to have fun with words and stories over the years. 

These opportunities have been so appreciated, and I wish both of my fellow journalists and friends the very best in the next leg of their life journeys. 

Been pretty quiet around here the past three days, but Bill is home this morning.  He drove to Sun Valley this week where plans for construction of a new ski lift at the resort are unfolding. 

The team needed a forester to look over the area and sign off on the environmental impact of the proposed construction, so Bill filled the bill. He also did some fishing and some visiting on his quick trip. 

Anyway, things are back to normal this morning.  About the only new development:  the apples are growing, and the apples are being eaten.  

We have had various deer in and out of our yard for the past several days, even two bucks racing through the front lawn while my brother and sister-in-law were here the other night.  

I know from the looks of the big tree that I'll be using a ladder more often than not to pick my apples this year.  At least, they've left my flowers alone, so I won't complain. 

Happy Wednesday. Looks like the smoke is gonna hang around, so enjoy those glorious suns. 

A Teaser:  Partial Eclipse!

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