Saturday, March 10, 2018

Fearless Annie and Meltdown Weather

The main story:  Our daughter Annie spent yesterday walking around New York. 

According to her Facebook post, she "walked 13 miles, hung out with old buddies, visited my favorite pub on the planet and saw Alec Baldwin!"

Kind of a mundane day, if you ask me!

Just kidding.

Annie flew to the East Coast this weekend to reconnect with friends, including one whom she met while walking the 500-mile Camino de Santiago in northern Spain a few years ago.

Well, she's walking another stretch of the Camino this summer, this time from Portugal.  This route is significantly shorter but no less beautiful.  

Instead of doing the pilgrimage solo, she and several friends and, last I heard, another family member, will be walking to Santiago specifically toward the shrine of St. James the Apostle.

So, Annie's been taking every opportunity over the past few weeks to walk several miles on some days to get in shape for the upcoming adventure. 

The story of the photos above:  That's Maurice, her Camino friend from Philadelphia, standing in front of the famous Wall Street Charging Bull.  

And, that's Fearless Annie standing alongside "Fearless Girl," a bronze statue facing the bull.  

Fearless Girl first appeared in the spot a year ago, the day before International Women's Day. According to a New York Times article published last year:  

“Fearless Girl,” the wildly popular statue that has spent the last few weeks staring down the financial district’s well-known “Charging Bull,” has received a new lease on life.

Originally scheduled to be removed next week, it will now remain in place until early 2018, officials said on Monday.

“Fearless Girl” was created by the sculptor Kristen Visbal and erected in Bowling Green, a small park, by the financial firm State Street Global Advisors in honor of International Women’s Day in March.

The statue was an immediate hit, drawing crowds who snapped selfies or stood alongside the bronze child and mimicked her pose: hands on her hips, slight smile on her face, and her skirt and ponytail seeming to blow in the breeze.

According to other reports, the statue was scheduled to be moved immediately after International Women's Day, which was Thursday. 

Apparently, the powers-that-be who will move the statue to a yet unknown spot in New York City got word that "Fearless Annie" was coming to town for a selfie, promoting the Seattle Sounders soccer team, with the statue.  

So, the bronze stood in place yet another day, and Annie got her selfies.

I was actually surprised to not see Annie waving from the crowd at Brooklyn's Barclays Center during the Atlantic Coast Conference game between Duke and North Carolina last night. 

After all, that young fearless gal gets around. 

Well, in Saturday morning news, that blue sky offers not a cloud this morning, and while I was walking down our road, the sun came peeking over the Cabinet Mountains.  

It's gonna be a glorious day here, although with temps down in the 20s this morning, the big meltdown may be slower than anticipated, but it has started, as you can see in the photos below.

As the meltdown continues, our world and our opportunities for "what to do" here in Selle Valley will begin to mount up to a feverish pace. 

A very welcome thought.  Drip. Drip. Drip, keep it up!

Happy Saturday. 

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Carlyn Blacker said...

Love all the spring photos and article about Annie. 😊