Saturday, April 14, 2018

Saturday Slight

Company's coming today, so just a brief post this morning. 

My former SHS teaching colleague and friend Florine will be up in Sandpoint so she's gonna spend some time at the Lovestead this afternoon.

If any other former SHS staff members happen to be reading this and want to see Florine, the coffee will be on here at the house during the early afternoon.

Then, we might take off and do some stress-free geocaching.   

And, as I warned Florine, it's "the muddy Lovestead." 

In spite of the weather arrow getting stuck on "rain," I did plop some of those Flower Farm posies into containers yesterday. 

And, they certainly do brighten up the area. It looks like today may be the GRAND OPENING of the first of all those daffodils I planted last fall.


Hope everyone has a wonderful day without too many April showers. 

Happy Saturday. 

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